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I find that when multiple supervisors provide apparently contradictory feedback, there is some deeper issue with the paragraph or work in question. The best approach is often not to adapt the manuscript according to the feedback but to transcend the contradiction by rewriting the paragraph such that the problem evaporates. Additionally, you could use a ...


This is a common problem which is very hard to solve. I suggest telling your supervisor that they need to set a timeline for completion of the project. If the supervisor sets the deadlines for themselves, they might be more likely to stick to the deadlines. If you do this, be sure you meet the deadlines set for you.


Unfortunately, your description sounds familiar and is not umcommon. PhD advisors often have more tasks they can manage in their limited time, so they have to set priorities which means that some things are done and others more or less forgotten (new things keep pouring in...). So if you desperately want or need the feedback you have to make sure to rise in ...


Write to your supervisor asking for clarifications on the writing process and how is the supervisor input supposed to be. Suggest to your supervisor that the authorship is under risk if you are the only contributor, that you are not going to waste your time with the paper (which can have an effect in the future) or that you might get interested in your own ...

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