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Cover letter and research interest

To build upon Buff's good answer, show, do not tell. For example, you might write: My doctoral project on [4-dimensional underwater basketweaving], aligns with Professor X's interests in [multi-...
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Cover letter and research interest

Your statement seems a bit too strong, since you don't have confirmation that the professor agrees. I would recommend softening it. "perfectly aligned" is a value judgement. If you write it ...
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Establish communication with professors via email

A lot of such email will be ignored. As a guess, the ones you most want to contact will be the most likely to ignore it - busy with other things. A contact made by your advisor, recommending you, is a ...
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I wrongly emailed a professor from a personal email, should I send the email again from my institutional email or wait?

There is no particular need to use your university email when contacting professors at other institutions, as it doesn't really convey any meaningful information to them. (The situation is different ...
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