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Actually, I think that the way you did your doctorate implies that you can, in fact, learn the things you don't know now. In fact, you may have more skills than you realize, but I'll leave that aside. But first, the courses you took in the past are nearly irrelevant to the process of getting a job once you have a doctorate. The skills, yes, but not the ...


My department has a transfer credit evaluation committee whose job is to decide which of our requirements are satisfied by classes taken elsewhere (usually other universities, not just other campuses). On that basis, I guess that your department has a similar committee. If you had not bothered to check for equivalent courses but had just taken one and ...


Check this out: You can click the "Advanced" tab to search for specific course equivalencies.


At certain American institutions, and especially community colleges, you will need a certain number of credit-hours of graduate course work in a certain field to get a job. Probably no exceptions are permitted. Other institutions will not care at all.


Can the lack of credit based graduate coursework be a huge bottleneck in my future faculty applications? Can it be compensated by published works? I am not sure about positions at a SLAC or for a more teaching-oriented position, but for your run-off-the-mill tenure-track at a research university nobody will care in the first place what courses you took, or ...

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