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You are entitled to an explanation your score. I’d start by requesting this from the instructor, in writing. If the issue is not resolved, consider adding the board of examiners for advice


Some tips that worked for me (which obviously aren't a replacement therapy) Spend less time reading textbooks, and watching lectures and more time actually doing problems. Do every problem you can find on the internet related to the subject your studying. Mainly do your reading when you already have a problem in mind you want to solve. I found this ...


It's natural to worry about exam scores, especially when a semester class only has a small number of exams. Discussing with a therapist is a good idea, however I did not see mentioned whether your anxiety is justified: how does your knowledge compare to the professor's expectations and to the average student in the class? Can you visit the instructor during ...


Test anxiety is very common. Simply being aware that it is a normal thing to happen to students may increase your chance of success. Treatment by a mental health professional is a good idea for severe test anxiety. Advice from strangers on the internet is not a substitute for the assistance of a mental health professional.


From a student's perspective: Don't do time crunched tests that don't really help anyone. Do a project or smaller quizzes. Especially in online classes, tests are the most agonizing task that create SO MUCH anxiety because there is so much that can go wrong that is out of our control. Most students also do better on a honor policy, to trust most students ...

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