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What is the reasoning behind putting table and figures at the very end of submitted papers?

This is a hangover from earlier times, when graphical material would likely need to be produced and printed using different systems to the main text. Thus, the format is designed to support manual ...
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Is it acceptable and ethical to access journals via my previous university's account?

Maybe, maybe not. Check with your old library. Example Access thousands of journals through your My Oxford Online account exclusively for alumni ... Conditions of Use These databases are being made ...
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Disadvantage of having only accepted papers but no published papers while applying for a postdoc position

It is not a big deal, but I have been in situations, where applicants for tenure-track positions listed a lot of work-in progress, forthcoming articles or articles "in the second round" and ...
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Pages and lines in a paper. What does the reviewer mean?

As a mathematician, I get referee reports like this a lot. As the comments have noted, "line -6" means six lines from the bottom of the page. Another point is to make sure you are looking at ...
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Banned from the Journal Cureus

I'm interpreting this question as "I was banned by journal X, am I also banned by all other journals by that journal's publisher?" The answer is "it depends". Some publishers have ...
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Banned from the Journal Cureus

Your first question is impossible to answer. If I had to take a guess, I would say that this shouldn't affect other Springer journals. On the surface, Cureus seems to use it's own submission/account ...
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Is it normal that the editor says "the referee report is for editor's eye only so I cannot share it with you"?

It is probably not normal (in my field anyway) not to see any form of the referee's report at all. These days, ( again in my field), a referee usually submits two sets of comments, one for the editor ...
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What are examples of trustworthy no-fees open access scientific journals where serious scientists have published?

In mathematics there are a lot of them. Two that come immediately to mind are Integers, and the Journal of Integer Sequences. Both have a number theory/combinatorics sort of focus. They aren't high ...
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Should we act as gatekeepers of the journals based on their reputation?

My philosophy has always been that a paper should be critiqued for it's flaws and compromising issues no matter what the impact factor of the journal is. We shouldn't let low quality, scientifically ...
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Conflict of interests of reviewing paper if I have talked to the author

While you may be able to remain objective in your review there could be a perceived conflict of interest if people were to find out you met the author previously, which could discredit your review. It ...
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