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[harassment] concerns a wide range offensive behaviours. The tag should be used with a tag specifying what kind of harassment is concerned

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I have completed 2 yrs of my PhD and I want to leave my toxic lab and transfer to a new one. How should I approach potential new advisors?

In my current position, my committee believes that I am by all metrics a successful student. I'm even working on two papers. But I've had to endure sexual harassment and working conditions that ...
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Harassment and intimidation by fellow students

I live in Western Europe and began a CS degree 1.5 years ago. I had no prior programming experiences but the degree was aimed for beginners. The male-female student ratio was 100:1 (as also stated by ...
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How to react to racist remarks by fellow PhD student as a foreigner?

In the first week of my PhD studies, another student of my advisor asked me strange and racist questions regarding my religion and country of origin. We are in Germany, and the other student is from ...
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Working with `co-guest editor' who has subjected me to harassment as postdoc mentor

Very long post alert! Background: I have a complicated situation and need advice about how to deal with it. I had joined as a postdoc with a faculty member (a senior professor) in an esteemed research ...
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How to proceed after being threatened and treated poorly by university faculty after reporting physical assault? [closed]

I’m an Indian PhD student at a mathematics department in the US. A few months back, I was deliberately shoulder-bumped for a few seconds by another PhD student. This student had previously chased me ...
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I'm very concerned about the mental health of my co-worker: how can I help them?

So I was working with someone from a different University on a project and I have started to become very concerned about their mental and physical well-being. The messages which they sent me a day ...
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Beall's List of Potential Predatory Publishers on Weebly shutdown?

Most academics would be familiar with Beall's list of Potential Predatory Publishers. His project was shutdown some years ago, with the publicised reason being a "personal decision" (see link above), ...
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Colleague indirectly accusing me of plagiarism? Help?

I recently got my PhD degree. 2 years of my PhD were done under supervision of X under their department. The rest was done under supervision of Y in another department. When we separated and I moved ...
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Professor behaving oddly, but I don't want to persecute him

I’m doing my masters (while working full-time) and one of my professors from last semester, who is teaching my class this semester as well, always asks me, “Did you get your husband to do your ...
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2 answers

How to professionally deal with sexual harassment in academia

I am a first year PhD student, and there is an older (by which I mean further ahead in his PhD) student who has been rather unperturbed by me asking him to stop flirting with me. This has been going ...
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Toxic, harassing lab environment

I have just started a research position (around 2.5 months ago) at a top-10 university. I am having my own funding and was initially quite excited about the opportunity, and did and do love my project....
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How to deal with sexual harassment by a senior colleague without jeopardizing my tenure case?

I apologize in advance that I cannot write about details, as they contain identifying information about the senior colleague in question. The low-down is that I am a tenure-track professor at a US ...
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3 answers

Interviewing for an academic position after abusive department chair in previous academic position

In my faculty job, I was bullied for a long time by a chair of the department (at a US state university on the West Coast). This included: Giving me bad schedules and classrooms His secretary ...
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Transferring to another university due to discrimination/policies/healthcare availability?

I've read some threads on transferring to another university based on many factors, but mine are focused around my ability to live comfortably with workplace protections, opportunities, and medical ...
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A female professor was found responsible for sexual harassment – what can happen to the signatories of a letter in support of her?

The New York Times article reported a female professor at New York University was found to be responsible for sexual harassment of a male student. There's a letter of support for this professor, sent ...
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Toxic colleague talks about me to Professors

I am a PhD student with a very difficult colleague - someone I thought was just socially inept, and rude. I was always friendly, giving her the benefit of the doubt, even though she offended me and ...
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How do I talk about my abusive former advisor if people ask?

I was just at a conference where I met another grad student who - upon learning about my specialization and university affiliation - excitedly asked me if I knew Dr. -- and if he was my advisor (she's ...
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4 answers

Allegations of harassment by a faculty member and reporting?

This issue is about a university in a 3rd world country. I friend of mine (I will call her "Z") is a faculty member at a reputable university. During one of her sittings with an undergrad student ("...
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How to stop sexual harassment by teacher? [closed]

I'm a student in India. My music teacher was kicked out of the school about 1 month ago due to sexual misconduct. Today, he messaged me on Instagram with a fake ID and started talking nastily to me ...
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Is calling a staff member "selfish" harassment? [closed]

A faculty member wrote to a staff member that "you are selfish." The staff member wrote back to the faculty member asking for an explanation. The faculty member did not respond and wrote: "I would not ...
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Report ancient harassment to the university?

During the pursuit of my degree, which I received in '92, I took a class where motifs in folksongs were routinely discussed. I don't remember the exact wording now but I noticed a few songs with ...
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Upset by male classmates openly comparing female students according to physical appearance

I'm a female student studying computer science (CS). Some of the male CS students have given me a physical ranking compared to other female CS students, and it has me really upset, but I don’t know ...
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Bullying in Academia: Harassed by senior PhD student? [closed]

Now this is something that happened long ago and even after so long, in a way begs for an answer, so I thought that I might ask here. This happened to someone who was in another department of my ...
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How to avoid being falsely accused of harassment by a student?

I am a junior faculty member and as part of my work I have to supervise students. I am required by the University to have one-on-one meetings with them every week to check their progress and give ...
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Some weirdo is harassing me via e-mail and knows my physical address at uni; What do I do?

A particular individual whom I've only had contact with via e-mail is angry that they didn't get to participate in an experiment I ran (yes, just that fact makes me glad I didn't choose them). I tried ...
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How can I get a second review of my grades? [closed]

How can I ask for a different faculty member to evaluate my final grade as opposed to my professor? I know this is an "odd" question but if there is a possible way for that to happen I would greatly ...
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Should I take threats from a former professor seriously?

Some Context: A member of my MA thesis committee, for whom I was also a GA (graduate assistant), threatened me several times while I was still in my masters program (last year). For example, she ...
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Why are academians so easily offended? [closed]

Often here I read questions like "Should professors intervene if a student is wearing offensive clothing in their classroom?" and I don't understand why such things happen so often. While I did my A-...
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4 answers

What laws exist in India to protect students from harassment by teachers/professors?

I am a college student in Rajasthan. I had a chance to address a large group at a college function, and in my address I said unfavorable things about professors in the college. Since then, I believe ...
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What should be done about a professor who treats foreign students worse than domestic students?

My school and my department has a lot of undergraduate students from China. When I took this instructor's class, he routinely pressured the foreign students to answer questions about their home ...
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How to avoid training a harasser

As a postdoc and junior faculty member I was involved in mentoring and training a PhD student who went on to a faculty position. I have now heard that the person I trained has been investigated and ...
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Research on practices in addressing faculty bullying/harassment in academia

Recently, the chair of the faculty senate at my institution began an effort to systematically address issues of faculty bullying/harassment. In particular (but not exclusively), we are worried about ...
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How to deal with an advisor who wants a "friendlier" relationship with me than I do?

I work as an assistant at a university in Australia. I joined the team consisting of my current advisor and his two PhD students. The other group members are men and they have a co-worker-like ...
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Can a dean expel a doctoral student without a trial?

My friend, a doctoral student, is being accused of harassment/stalking by the dean, yet law enforcement has not contacted my friend, and the dean refuses to substantiate his accusation, for fear of ...
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PhD student leaving current program for reasons of safety. Recommendations for what to do next in terms of schools and catching up?

I am a PhD student who lost a year in school due to factors beyond my control. First, several non-school related issues made it difficult for me to focus on school. Then, a little later, I was ...
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Should professors intervene if a student is wearing offensive clothing in their classroom?

A question about university dress codes reminded me of an incident that happened when I was an undergrad, in which a classmate came to school wearing a really offensive and misogynistic t-shirt. I ...
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What can academics and students do to reduce racism in academia?

I am a postdoc at a university in the UK. Before I came here, a friend warned me that racism is common in the UK. True enough, during my first few months here, I have already received a couple of ...
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How is sexism unknowingly perpetrated in academia?

Some sexism is obvious, blatant, and/or deliberate. Fortunately, my understanding is that this kind of sexism is mostly a thing of the past. However, female colleagues have told me that more "benign",...
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