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Treatment or consideration based on class or category, such as race or gender, rather than individual merit

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Meeting with Student Ombuds tomorrow - any advice please on how to do so effectively? [closed]

I'm meeting with the Student Ombuds, to deal with bullying and harassment situations with my school. I've gotten legal involvement, and this is with respect to my disabilities. I take exams with ...
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Is it legal in the UK to aim for a certain percentage of women in a math department?

Athena Swan charter is a UK organization promoting gender equality in academia, among other things. University departments apply for gold / silver / bronze Athena Swan certificates, while providing an ...
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Possible Grading Discrimination [closed]

I took a course, with 2 term exams (20% each) and a final (30%). I achieved close to the highest score on the first term exam, the highest score on the second term exam, and the highest score on the ...
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Can you exclude a co-author because of abusive behaviours?

I am a final year PhD student, in the process of writing the thesis and submitting the manuscripts of my work done. Unfortunately, the work-environment in my lab was quite toxic, with several bullying-...
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How would a really professional superviser perceives about a honest but ADHD/behavioral disorder student (especially undiagnosed) [closed]

Ability to get a Recommendation letter / other career success often requires good perception by teachers. But when a large number of professors aren't very insightful, they tend to prioritise traits ...
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Have money, but am old--how will these affect PhD application [duplicate]

In terms of academics, I think when I finish my masters (in two years), I will have a strong application with excellent grades, good recommendations, and a potentially very interesting project (albeit ...
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If Trump was bad for science, why hasn't the rankings of universities based in the US worsened? [closed]

Follow-up question to If Brexit is bad for British science, why hasn't the rankings of British universities worsened? For example, Berkeley for engineering and technology even managed to surpass ...
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Age discrimination in Academia and PhD completion age [closed]

In the recent years I have observed more often some existing limits on the age of a person pursuing an academic career and in the postdoc years spent after the PhD. For example, it is very common to ...
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How to react to racist remarks by fellow PhD student as a foreigner?

In the first week of my PhD studies, another student of my advisor asked me strange and racist questions regarding my religion and country of origin. We are in Germany, and the other student is from ...
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Is it appropriate for an advisor to add a student's name (who has no contribution) to a paper because of his nationality

I'm a PhD student working in the USA. My advisor has funding from a foreign (say Country X) agency. I worked on a problem that was proposed by the agency. However, I am not using their data. I am ...
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Should I not ask my students about their hometown?

Recently, I taught a class of five students. I asked for their native place and all said that their hometown is X, but I didn't tell them my reason for asking. I asked them because I can communicate ...
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Should I include challenges I faced on account of my caste in my diversity statement?

Some of the graduate programs in US schools require you to submit a diversity statement as a part of the application. I have looked at some resources on writing it, like these ones. I happen to be ...
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Interrogated for cheating based on discrimination a potential lawsuit? [closed]

I have been taking a couple online classes. I also had a baby a week before the classes started. It has been an incredibly stressful 10 weeks. Anyway, I had a project I had to complete for a business ...
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How do American universities handle cases of discrimination? [closed]

Many non-American students come to America in the hope of good education and support from their academic advisors. How should anyone handle discrimination based on national origin by American ...
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How to proceed after being threatened and treated poorly by university faculty after reporting physical assault? [closed]

I’m an Indian PhD student at a mathematics department in the US. A few months back, I was deliberately shoulder-bumped for a few seconds by another PhD student. This student had previously chased me ...
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Is the promotion of meditation activities by my university a form of religious discrimination?

My university constantly promotes activities of meditation, mindfulness and other "new age" activities inspired from some eastern spiritualities (particularly Hinduism and Buddhism). The ...
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