I'm a student in India. My music teacher was kicked out of the school about 1 month ago due to sexual misconduct.

Today, he messaged me on Instagram with a fake ID and started talking nastily to me so I blocked him. He again messaged me with a new ID and asked for pictures and so on. I had to block him 3 more times.

He again messaged with a new ID of a girl. I gullibly replyed to the message but again he asked for pictures and some sexual chats so I blocked him once more.

This is not ending. He was my teacher and this attitude of his is not good.

What should I do to stop him doing this? And to prevent many girls from getting affected by this teacher?

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I suggest you should report it directly to the police.

Why, well, as he has been dismissed from the school they have no control over him, so reporting it to the school will only be for information.

You can choose to tell or not your parents but you may value their support.

I hope this sorts itself out. Best wishes.

  • Reporting to Police is definitely an option and so is reporting to the school. The school has a responsibility and duty of care to their students. They can support the student whilst reporting the teacher to the authorities and notify other child safeguarding authorities. Feb 25, 2018 at 8:21
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    @Chris I agree that the school has a duty of care to their students but they don't control an ex-teacher. The police will know of all the possibilities of what support organisations exist, however, not all police forces are the same.
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Tell your parents.

If my Googling is accurate, then 10th grade in India is about 15-16 years old. That's below adult age. Accordingly, don't try to resolve the problem yourself, tell your parents (or guardians) and let them resolve it.


Following points may help you to get rid of it:

  1. First and most important step is stop communication. Never reply to calls nor messages. Also never accept any kind of request from strangers in social networks nor reply to their messages. If they send message from a fake ID which looks similar to someone you know, then first confirm about it from the mutual friends or by phone calls before paying any attention to them.
  2. Second step is tell to your parents, brothers and a lady teacher with whom you feel comfortable.
  3. Third step is inform to your friends about it and tell them to stay away from that person and maintain distance.
  4. Fourth step and may also be the very first step is inform to the head of your School about this matter and request to take possible action against him.
  5. Last step is if nothing works for long time and things go to extreme, then report to police.

Hope this will help .... Stay blessed!!

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    She has had enough slready - your point 5 is wait for a long time - really?? She has had enough and it needs to be sorted now at a different level than just ignore the messages...
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There is only one thing anyone can suggest and that is to report it. Tell your parents or tell one of your teachers, and if they don't do something for you, then tell the Police.

You should not have to accept this behaviour.

The school has a responsibility and duty of care to their students. They can support the student whilst reporting the teacher to the authorities and the school can notify other child safeguarding authorities to prevent them working in other schools

  1. Report this to the police.

    If you live in a place without legal protections in this regard, it's still helpful to push the boundaries.

  2. It would have been helpful to apply a consistent non-response policy. Given that you had trouble with this, I suggest handing your phone over to a trusted adult temporarily.

  3. Please learn some basic online self-protection measures. I noticed that you created a StackExchange user account with a first and last name, and you posted your age and the name of your town in your question. Also, I wonder how the teacher found you online. Here's a starting point: https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/online-id

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