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Use of social media (e.g. Facebook, ResearchGate, blogs, etc.) by academics to engage with other academics or students and to disseminate and publicize their research.

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With Twitter's mounting troubles, when is the time to jump and where to? [closed]

Twitter has been useful for keeping an eye on relevant research and ocasionally for a bit of peer support through the PhD journey, as well as for sharing some work-related links, announcements, ...
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After 15 years in biomedical research and 11 years hiatus what career options do I have left?

I had a very exciting research career (stem cells) PhD with the group that cloned Dolly, post docs at NYU and Cornell, even Assistant Professor in Memphis. Not a great publication record but my ...
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Is it important to include Advance level result in cv when you have post graduate diploma?

I had successfully completed my post graduate diploma in TESOL after completing my IELTS. I have 12 years of experience in teaching. I have a plan to migrate to a country. Therefore I thought of ...
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What is the etiquette surrounding tweeting authors of a paper queries about their work?

I came across a paper from a tweet by a researcher (in the field of computer science, specifically interpretable AI or Explainable AI). I had a query in that field, to answer which I could not find ...
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How appropriate is it to post a tweet saying that I am looking for postdoc positions?

I am currently a final year PhD student in Computational Biophysics and I want to explore different opportunities for my future career. I am not sure if tweeting about my job search would be ...
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Should search committees interact with job candidates on social media during active searches?

I recently interviewed on campus for a position and am in waiting period limbo. Two members of the search committee, including the chair, follow me on Twitter and have been liking/retweeting me since ...
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How to handle students scrolling on social media during lectures?

Of course, they may be looking up something related to the lecture content, but I can usually spot that dead-eye TikTok coma a mile off. I get distracted because I am genuinely upset that they’re ...
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Decrease chance of academic article being sensationalized in media

I am first author on a perspective paper being reviewed. The last authors are well known and comfortable discussing the future of certain technologies that can be seen as exciting but also provocative/...
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Am I allowed to post screenshots of tables/figures of my paper on Twitter?

I always share my research on twitter and like to summarize my results in a short thread. In these threads, I usually add screenshots of figures or tables showing the results. However, I was wondering:...
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Is it appropriate to upload student's project to social media?

At my university, there is a lecturer who uploaded a student's final year project to his own social media account and criticized that student's English level. I am wondering, is it appropriate for ...
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Is it a good idea to put hobby pictures on my academic website?

I understand in general, it is safer to NOT list hobbies on a CV. My question is about whether is it a good idea to put these on my academic website. I am a PhD student in a STEM field. Right now I ...
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I just got invited to referee an article! Is it OK to share this achievement on social media?

I am very proud of this achievement and I am thinking about sharing the email to social media. Is it okay to post it as long as I remove confidential information, e.g. manuscript id, title, author? ...
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Upload preprint on ArXiv AND ReseachGate?

Since I recently published my first ever paper, I was creating some accounts for various social networks and preprint servers. I have to say, I am a little bit confused by ReseachGate: If I have ...
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How are social media (such as Twitter) viewed for sharing research progress? [closed]

I am currently a PhD student and I have done some research and got great results. I have a Twitter account in which I have not mentioned anything about my research. My followers are mainly normal ...
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Are there boycotts of university rankings?

Motivation: Our university has asked us to provide contacts for possible referees for our university for the QS ranking; apparently this "find your own reviewers" system has a 40% weight in ...
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Is MLA Humanities Commons a valid alternative to etc.? [closed]

I've recently discovered MLA's Humanities Commons network and its CORE repository. It seems a viable non-profit alternative for sharing and preserving scholarly work to commercial ventures such as ...
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Should I complain about an academic purposefully perverting statistics on Covid vaccinations on Twitter?

As a disclaimer, I have to say I am against any kind of censorship. That being said, academics also have a responsibility to their audience. An academic with a few thousand citations purposefully ...
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Do academics make decisions like other humans?

There are now 100s of studies from behaviour change sciences that show that humans take mental shortcuts to make decisions. For instance we eat at a busy restaurant, because, as a rule of thumb, they ...
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Is it usual to use YouTube videos showcasing real life experiences/interviews for research? [closed]

I have a research project concentrating on the long-term outcomes of using local medicinal plants among rural communities. I see many YT videos on this topic from many different cultures e.g. short ...
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How do I know if I should write a paper or an essay instead of a post on Facebook or a personal blog?

I find it difficult to put in words what I observe. However, I will do my best to describe my confusion clearly, although if I could truly describe it clearly, probably I would have already found the ...
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My paper is being cited in vaccine misinformation. What do I do?

I have recently discovered that anti-vaxxers have been citing one of my papers on Twitter and elsewhere as evidence of a specific 5G-related conspiracy theory surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. Of ...
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Can I submit a paper that I uploaded to a journal?

Will journals accept a paper that I have already put up on It has more than 800 views and has been cited more than 10 times. Does uploading my paper on an open source website nullify my ...
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Can a public university block me on their official social media account if I am a student and/or employee?

I am a Ph.D. student at a large public university in the US. I am working on completing my defense and trying to graduate before the end of the summer term. I found out recently, rather accidentally, ...
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Is there a way to tell "My downloading a paper is not an opt-in to be spammed with ongoing related papers"? [duplicate]

I started exploring for sources for a paper I am working on on, downloaded a few papers, and got an annoying stream of (from my perspective) unsolicited related papers in my inbox. I ...
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What is the least amount of effort needed to ensure no copyright issue of using online pictures in lecture notes/slides

I have noticed that in many university's course notes/slides, particularly those in the CS department, and in particular those dealing with computer animation/graphics, a large amount of instructors ...
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Is it possible for an academic to successfully claim their Google knowledge panel with an institution-hosted webpage and a Google Scholar account?

Edit: I rewrote the question based on the associated discussion on meta. Context Google created a "knowledge panel" about me which appears when my name is searched in Google. It consists ...
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How can I find the altmetrics for a specific paper?

Alternative metrics for a paper, include not just the citations in other academic journals, but also all Twitter mentions, citations in Wikipedia, citations across the Stack Exchange network, etc. The ...
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Where is your line with students on social media?

I will be giving lectures for the first time this semester starting in 2 weeks (online due to covid), some students already started to add me and follow me on social media (LinkedIn mainly for now). I ...
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How to find suitable PhD programs in Computational Social Science? [closed]

I recently graduated from a master's program in Information Science in the U.S. and want to get into a Ph.D. program in the near future. I am pretty interested in computational social science, ...
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In what sort of department can I pursue a PhD in fan behaviour?

I'm planning to do PhD on the Fan culture to be specific - A comparative study on the effects of Digital media on Football Fan behaviour on supporters of European football clubs in Indonesia and India....
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Is it legal to upload PDFs of my papers on a personal website & research-networking websites? [duplicate]

I've created a .com personal website where I intend to describe my research, including full-text PDF copies of my published papers. I was going to also make these PDFs available in my account on ...
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Is there a site where I can look for potential collaborators on an academic project that I'm pursuing all by myself? [closed]

I'm working on an academic project, and after getting a few results by myself, I'm a bit stuck. Currently, I'm not affiliated to any university or company, and also since I switched from my PhD topic ...
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Is there any scholarship or fellowship award for part-time PhD students in Deep Learning? [closed]

Is there any fellowship awards for part-time Ph.D. Students? I have a full-time job in the relevant field. While searching for options, I have seen a few from Facebook, Nvidia and Microsoft but these ...
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Is it acceptable for a student to connect with a professor on LinkedIn?

Earlier in the semester, I was informed by both an advisor/academic counselor and a professor at my university that it is a good idea to connect with professors on LinkedIn if they have interests in ...
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Social media vs. academic career [closed]

After an incident where a complaint has been submitted against my private social media profile by students (with whom I had no interaction, nor were my posts directed towards) I felt attacked in a way ...
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Could your supervisor decide what you post on social media?

I am a first year PhD student in Europe, I started in November. My supervisor has recently take a liking into posting on social media and communication-related issues (style, words, hours etc), even ...
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Is there a "Facebook" for researchers? (to collaborate on projects)

I'm writing my PhD-thesis in economics at a fairly small university. Accordingly, there are relatively few scientists in my department. I am planning to write a research paper on a specific topic that ...
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Tips and good practices for creating a personal web-page [closed]

First, apologies if this question has been asked before. I could not find any reference. I am a math PhD student, about to finish my studies and start searching for a post-doc position. In ...
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Is social media affecting the creativity of students? [closed]

I have been observing my small sister for about a year now that there has been a huge decline in her studies and academic results and this all has happened soon after we got an Android device common ...
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Promoting research papers with targeted ads

I've seen a targeted ad on Facebook about a new study by a public university (linking to a news blog). The ad was paid for by the university. Is it common in academia to use targeted ads, paid for by ...
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pros and cons of one's own papers covered by media

One published a paper on a journal. The communications team of their school want to publicize that paper in media. Is there any substantial pros and cons for the paper writer?
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How to report pirated textbooks on

I received a notification today from of a recently-uploaded "paper" that was similar to one I previously downloaded. On clicking through, the "paper" turned out to be a PDF of a pirated ...
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How easy is it to game the altmetric score?

The altmetric score is a summary of the online attention a publication has received. More tweets, hits and chatter makes a bigger score. But what does the popularity contest mean? I've heard of ...
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Is it appropriate for an undergrad to friend grad students / postdocs on social media?

I'm guessing that if the grad student / postdoc is directly supervising the undergrad, friending would not be very appropriate. However, would it be ok for an undergrad to friend other grad students / ...
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What happened to the Piled Higher and Deeper comics?

Without dating myself too badly, I have enjoyed PhD comics since the beginning. For the past few years, there have been about 2 or 3 new comics a week, but there has not been a new comic in months. I ...
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Why is Reddit not a reliable source of experts? [closed]

Some people say that you should take for granted for opinions on Reddit, because comparing it to academic journals is like comparing kindergarten to university. But I don't understand. Well, it's true ...
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Why publish a research paper when a blog post or a lecture slide can have more citation count than a journal paper?

I am quite surprised to find that a lecture slide for a course has 133 citations from highly reputable researchers across the world. The main contribution of the lecture slides (which seems to be the ...
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Is there a celebrity culture in academia and should we discourage it? [closed]

I work in STEM, and in recent years I have been troubled by this trend in academia where certain individuals are elevated to the status of celebrities. Their appearances alone draw crowds in the ...
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Prospective supervisor wants me to do irrelevant videos as a condition for supervision. Can I say yes when I mean no?

This question is the reverse of Dealing with a PhD student reneging on an agreement to appear in social media, in which the student had agreed during interviewing to participate in social media ...
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Will Potential Publishers View an MA Dissertation as Plagiarized?

I recently completed my MA, and I was hoping to upload my dissertation to, and then perhaps submit it to some publishers later on. Although I made some changes to my paper after ...
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