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Selecting, designing, delivering, or attending educational and professional development opportunities in academia.

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What is the difference between MRC Postdoctoral Training Scheme and Career Development Fellowship at the LMB (Cambridge, UK)?

I'm applying for a job at the LMB in Cambridge, UK. I am aware that the LMB offers two paths for a postdoc: an MRC Postdoctoral Training Scheme and a Career Development Fellowship. I am unclear of the ...
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How do I regain interest in a class if I’ve lost confidence in the instructor’s depth of knowledge?

I have joined a 3-4 months technical, online course related to my profession. I know the basics of this subject, yet wanted to get in-depth content about it and hence opted for this one. The course is ...
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Is taking a postdoc for training purposes wise as an industry scientist?

I'm considering taking a postdoc after 5 years as an analytical chemist in the pharma industry (small molecule). This may seem backwards and counter-productive due to the massive pay cut but here's my ...
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A stunted PhD: PhD in the time of a pandemic

I'm a third year Math PhD student in the US. My concern is that my PhD is going to be stunted in the following sense: I am my advisor's only graduate student. This is not uncommon for grad students ...
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Is it possible for an international medical graduate to take their residency and fellowship training in Singapore?

I am graduating medicine in 2 years time. I am from Indonesia. I tried inquiring what the requirements are, but I have not been getting any straight answers thus far.
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Are non-mandatory sensitivity trainings mandatory? [closed]

This is probably a very USA-specific question: My university is implementing a new sensitivity training framework. This is so new that no information about it can be found in faculty handbook, ...
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Can I become a tenure-track prof in one dept (biology) and teach in a different dept (math) with only one PhD?

I recently defended my PhD in Neuroscience and am starting a postdoc soon. Like a lot of people who take this track, I hope to one day have my own research lab at a university. I would also like to ...
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What designation should be assigned to a teacher's trainer who is also teaching in the same school? [closed]

I joined as a teacher's trainer in school for a short cntractual period. But gradually I started getting involved in the following: 1- Helping teachers in developing lesson plans 2- Providing ...
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How do professors and lecturers learn to teach?

I am a PhD student in the field of education and I enjoy reading SE questions to stimulate my mind when I need a break. I find academia to be one of my most frequently visited sites. When reading ...
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How to successfully train myself in multiple "meta" areas of my discipline?

I am at the beginning of my academic career (first "professor at uni" job after PhD). My official obligations are pretty standard: teach, do research, and faculty-related admin stuff. Now, I have my ...
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What are the general merits and demerits of the post-PhD courses meant to groom junior faculty/researcher in finance/economics

What are the general merits and demerits of the post-PhD courses meant to groom junior faculty/researcher in finance/economics, similar to these?: Advanced Studies Program In International Economic ...
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What visa for a short term course in the USA?

There is a short term course in the USA in August I really want to attend. It's a 1 week training at the University of Minnesota. However, I'm not going to enroll as a student at the university. May ...
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How to become a good advisor [closed]

At some point in my career I would like to become an advisor (or at least have some people working for me). I would like to start learning the skills to be a good advisor before becoming an advisor. ...
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When a STEM research topic can be studied experimentally, computationally, and theoretically, do PhD programs typically focus on only one approach?

In American universities, when a STEM research topic can be studied experimentally, computationally, and theoretically, do PhD programs in this research topic only focus on one of the three approaches ...
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Can refusing to attend mandatory Title IX training be grounds for suspending a tenured faculty member?

In the US all the universities that receive federal funding must ensure (or so I heard) that all their employees and students take one class about the Title IX law, concerning sexual harassment and ...
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How to avoid training a harasser

As a postdoc and junior faculty member I was involved in mentoring and training a PhD student who went on to a faculty position. I have now heard that the person I trained has been investigated and ...
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How to Correct for a Less-Than-Complete PhD career when wanting to go into academia?

I want to have a career as a tenure-track research professor. I have a little over a year left in my PhD in a science/mathematical field, and I don't feel I learned enough during graduate school. I ...
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Advice: How to prepare myself for Adjunct Teaching

I will be receiving my Masters Degree in MIS this summer. I have a bachelors in Computer Science. I also have 3 years professional working experience. I am interested in teaching as an adjunct at ...
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Graduate training programs from other departments, how helpful are they?

I notice that there are quite a number of graduate training programs across departments in my university that encourage multidisciplinary researches. For my case, I am an EECS/ Computational Biology ...
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Time to Meet a Milestone [closed]

I am interested in understanding if measuring the time it takes for an adult to meet a training milestone is a training metric that is commonly used to assess progress and, if so, what adult learning ...
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Conducting a training seminar without projector

What is the best way to conduct a training seminar inside a computer laboratory without a projector? Is there an existing software program that could achieve the same results as conducting a training ...
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Are there any specific teaching techniques to handle "virtual" classroom sessions?

In the past, I have attended a few "virtual" classroom sessions as a trainee and I always found it a little boring. I could notice the sincere effort that the trainer has put through but I couldn't ...
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How do you earn opportunites to review journals or conference papers?

Critical reading is a very useful skill for most PhD students (and postdocs and researchers in general). Instead of assuming that everything you read in a scientific paper is right, it's useful to ...'s user avatar
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A better way to train future Theoretical Computer Science researchers

My questions: Are there universites offering a B.Sc. in computer science aimed solely at giving the best training to future theoretical computer science researchers? (in the universities I ...
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