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The occurrence of a paper citing an earlier paper that has at least one author in common with it, or the occurrence of an author citing their previous work in their current work.

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Reference in a poster

I am presenting a poster in an international conference based on a work that is yet to be published. Should I include this work in the references of the poster?
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How to deal with author's extensive self-citation? [duplicate]

As a scientific journal reviewer, how can I deal with a manuscript where the authors cited their own works extensively (14 times) in the manuscript?
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What should be my response for a rebuttal on double blind citing my own work as "similar"

Case in Hand: I submitted a paper to a Q1 Conference (I'm in CS, so conferences have a strict baseline for us) and recently got it back for a rebuttal that I need to submit in 6 days. The issue is R2 ...
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Supervisor excessively adding self-citations to our paper

I'm a first-year PhD student working alongside my supervisor on my second paper. So far, the process has been that I write a draft, he adds some comments/text where necessary, and we re-iterate. This ...
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Does collecting some peer-reviewed articles in a "self-published" book promote it to a valuable scholarly book?

I have two scholarly books self-published in the field of physics. However, some parts of my books have previously been published in peer-reviewed journals and the editors of my books have academic ...
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Do faculties look at h-index including or excluding self-citations?

At the early stage of an academic career, it can be that the researcher's h-index is largely driven by self-citations. It is the case for me at the 1st year postdoc stage. I've got a few peer-reviewed ...
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How to refer to experience in area X in a proposal when my work in area X is classified?

I am writing a postdoc proposal which will involve work in area X. Area X can be studied from a theoretical or applied perspective, and the proposal involves the latter. While my PhD has focused on ...
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What are the ins and outs of submitting two related papers that need to cite each other to the same or different journals? Potential pitfalls? [duplicate]

I'm currently in the middle of some calculations and modeling for two related but different papers on experimental and data analysis mathematical techniques, and have started drafting two papers. ...
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Do I have to cite my own paper?

I wrote a paper in which I mentioned all citations for definitions that are not mine, and did not cite my previous paper's definition or my supervisor's previous papers as both of us are authors. My ...
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I spotted a paper with an absurd amount of self citations. Is this normal?

I spotted a paper with around 106 citations, around which 86 are just the author citing himself. Now I understand that people do this to work on their previous studies, but 86? That's around just 20 ...
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I am continuing with my Master's thesis on the same topic I worked on in my Bachelor's thesis. How much can I reuse to avoid self-plagiarism?

In my Bachelor's thesis, I implemented four new compression algorithms into a small Java library developed at my university (used only internally for teaching purposes). In my actual Bachelor's thesis ...
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If your field is so isolated that nobody cites your work, does that make you irrelevant?

A group of researchers work in a problem that no one else works on, hence these researchers are cited only by themselves. They cite other papers, too. How does the academia consider these cases? ...
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Suitable citation style for dealing with many de-identified sources, interviews and personal correspondence?

Background: I am writing a paper analysing various organisations that I need to de-identify. For my analysis I need to cite three types of sources: Publicly available published works that identify ...
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How do I refer to my own work in an anonymous abstract?

I am currently working on an abstract for conference submission. The contents of the proposed presentation build heavily on part of my master's thesis. Since the abstract has to be written anonymously,...
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Should a thesis of the author be listed as "related work"?

Suppose I write a paper that contains mostly results that I previously published in my M.Sc. or Ph.D. thesis. The paper contains another author that is not related to the thesis (not the supervisor), ...
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Do journal editors check self-citations?

Do journal editors check self-citations? If I cite two of my papers, would it be a problem?
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Is it okay to cite a supplemental attachment when referencing a previously published technique or method? (advanced materials and surface science)

The thorough answer to Roadmap and possible pitfalls for a first-time software author to publish a paper on a Python package? covers the issue nicely, and it's not yet clear if in my case this paper ...
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Tips for publishing a summary of an article to be published

I want to write a short article about a paper that has been accepted for publication in an upcoming conference. This short article summarizes the accepted one and will end up in my workplace's digital ...
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Which could be considered an appropriate number of self-citations?

I am currently writing a paper that cites other works authored by me. I was wondering which percentage of self-citations is recommendable in a journal paper.
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Citing Data That Was Compiled From Many Sources and Then Summarized? (Updated)

The Problem The author of the dissertation (PhD) collected publicly available raw data from the websites of over 40 universities. The data itself spanned 40 years. After compiling the data into a ...
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How much background information should I provide in a paper if it is a follow-up to a previous publication of mine? [closed]

I have recently published a paper in which I have identified a problem and developed a potential methodology for solving it. In that first paper, I included a fairly extensive literature review of the ...
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Self-citation question [duplicate]

Suppose there is a paper by author A and B. B alone later publishes another paper, citing the first paper. Does this count or not as a self-citation to author A?
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How to cite a paper which has been presented and included in proceedings but not yet published online?

I have submitted my paper to a conference A, where it has been presented and is included in the proceedings and is yet to be published online and would be completed in few months. How do I cite this ...
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Is it acceptable to write several small papers that contribute to a larger paper?

To keep this brief, I have two new math ideas that are supporting a larger work. I want to write two small papers detailing these math ideas (plus some other details I figured out about them), publish ...
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How should I reference my own previous work in a talk to a general audience?

I have to give a presentation to a general scientific audience (specifically, an interview talk). As part of the presentation I would like to highlight some of my previous work. I work in ...
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How to reuse/cite your paper in your thesis when both have same topic [duplicate]

I’m writing my thesis and I submitted a paper on the same topic to a conference, where it got accepted. However, the contents such as methods, results, and conclusion are identical in text, i.e. I ...
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What's an appropriate phrasing of a caveat about self-citation?

I'm writing some report, and at a certain point I give an example by citation. The citation format is such that you don't see any names (e.g. "[123]") without visiting the bibliography; or maybe it's ...
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