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This tag is for questions on academia specifically applicable to students, researchers, and faculty in scientific disciplines.

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Do you still cross out and redo the page numbers if you do it wrong in your scientific notebook?

I recently started my science notebook/diary/journal in preparation for a local science fair. I accidentally realized my issue into numbering the pages on the left side TOO. Do I cross it out or redo, ...
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searching for scientific article that i need for my research [duplicate]

I am a student and I am looking for the following article. If someone can help me, it is urgent. Thank you. DOI : 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2018.180109.
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What are the platforms to monitor for academic job search (Tenure Track/ Long-Term Positions) in the Sciences? [closed]

Apart from common websites, like Chronicle of Higher Education or Higher Ed Jobs, what are other platforms where academic positions are posted? I recently missed out on some opportunities by not being ...
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Academic careerism: How can there be biased research or dishonest inquiry in theoretical hard sciences? [closed]

From Wikipedia: (emphasis added) Academic careerism is the tendency of academics (professors specifically and intellectuals generally) to pursue their ...
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How does research in academic science differ from that in academic engineering

Personally I come from science (theoretical physics) and know numerous people in Engineering. Speaking to them I see that the kinds of things I tend to be interested in and what they are interested in ...
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Do mathematicians really publish less often than (other) scientists?

I have heard from at least two mathematicians now, that mathematicians in general publish less per person per year than (other) scientists. This is anecdotal, so I looked around online and all I ...
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Evasive and non-communicative co-authors on a scientific paper [closed]

Apologies for the length, but all this context might matter. In 2019, I collaborated with an MD at a local hospital to write my thesis for a postgraduate degree. In my field, there is an expectation ...
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How often is a paper, that once had been forgotten and rarely referenced or regarded, rediscovered many years later and referenced heavily?

Before the internet, especially a few centuries ago, it was quite common to rediscover a work even post-mortem. Some authors were unfortunate and didn't get to see recognition of their contributions. ...
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Can I publish a part of my master thesis without having my master thesis supervisor as a co-author?

I completed my master degree at one of the top universities in Europe more than 5 years ago. Me and my supervisor had some conflicts at the end of my thesis submission and then he was not interested ...
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How to deal with author's extensive self-citation? [duplicate]

As a scientific journal reviewer, how can I deal with a manuscript where the authors cited their own works extensively (14 times) in the manuscript?
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What does "Awaiting Reviewers Selection" in scholarone means [duplicate]

I submitted a paper to a journal that used scholarone and the reviewers recommended a major revision. I addressed every single comment of reviewers and made all the suggested changes. Now, it is in ...
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On re-instating a suspended scientist

My female friend works in a US government research lab. Recently, a very senior scientist in her lab (white male, extremely decorated, serious person) was rude to her, telling her that her ...
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Why is there no funding for the Arecibo observatory, despite there being funding in the past?

The Arecibo observatory shuts down its science. This looks like the last step in its long decline caused by gradually reducing funding over time: the huge legendary radio telescope cannot be properly ...
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Abbreviating authors' names in a paper

I'm writing a rebuttal to a paper that was recently published. Since I refer to the authors very frequently, I've abbreviated their names to WW for their last names Williams and Wang (I made up these ...
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Unable to find well-known fluid dynamics paper [duplicate]

I am writing my MSc thesis on a certain topic in fluid dynamics. Of particular relevance to my MSc is the Stuart-Landau equation. In the linked Wikipedia article, they reference a paper written by ...
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Program where I earned my Master's is changing its name in 2023-2024. Does this change how I list it on my CV?

I am a soon-to-be fourth-year doctoral candidate in Applied Experimental Psychology who earned my Master's in Experimental Psychology back in December 2020. I recently viewed my master's program's ...
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Does publicly-funded academic research need to be free of non-scientific interests?

I'm asking this question in the context of purely publicly-funded academic research, which might perhaps make answers rather straightforward. So, I wonder to what extent the outcome of a scientific ...
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I see these types of plots a lot in older publications. What software/method is used to make this plot? [duplicate]

Anyone know what software or method is used to make these classic black and white publication figures with all caps axis labels and typically a gridded background? Just curious because I have seen ...
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Faculty position offer concerns

Say a university is hiring a science faculty member. Only the search committee interviews the job candidate online. Then the candidate gives one research presentation online. The candidate is then ...
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Debate about whether to use any tables in scientific articles [duplicate]

I have a new boss, who is experienced and has published a number of scientific articles. He is telling me that I should not have any tables in my articles, but rather make graphs for everything. I ...
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Storing scientific content on github [duplicate]

I have a scientific paper that I would like to protect from theft or other proprietary data, is it possible to store the data and the manuscript in a private github repository as a pre-print in order ...
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Is there a specific field which addresses how to develop new software specifically for natural sciences?

I am a physicist currently doing a master's degree and I have a background in programming with a knowledge of computer science — not on the level of someone who studied computer science but I would ...
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What would my appropriate title be?

I'm a first year Biomedical Science student, who's currently taking a gap year. Lucky for me, I got the opportunity to help out a PhD student with her research. What would be my appropriate title? I'...
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What defines if a researcher is an expert in a field/topic or not? [closed]

I have often seen academics and science communicators who are positioned as subject matter experts in a field or topic but haven't been directly involved with doing research since their Ph.D. or ...
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Advisor getting involved in semi-pseudoscience

I am a final year PhD student and recently my advisor started collaborating with some people engaged in what I would call semi-pseudoscience. For the sake of anonymity, I won't give the details but ...
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Scientists sets up a delayed encrypted message with a smart contract, containing a world-class discovery. Will he get Nobel prize post-mortem? [closed]

It is broadly known that sometimes it happens scientists are not well rewarded during their lives, especially when their work does not fit the modern society needs, or simply if it is well ahead of ...
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Should I give full credit for a correct answer different from the expected one to an exam question?

I recently gave an exam that had a particular short answer question where I asked the students, "What type of reaction is this?". I was looking for neutralization reaction, as aqueous NaOH ...
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Determining Specific Contribution of an author in a Research Paper

If a paper is written by multiple authors, say in mathematics, where it is clear who did what, is there a way to find the specific contribution of an author? For example, say a person name Paul Erdős ...
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Is there such a thing as a "postdoc" for master's degree graduates?

I have recently graduated with an MSc in nuclear physics, and am having a hard time finding appropriate entry-level openings for a job. I have looked at multiple openings at several national ...
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How do you write a good reaserch paper title?

I'm doing a paper on the medicinal properties of everyday plants but my prof. says that its too broad and I need to narrow it down. I want to start by figuring out a better title that is more ...
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Asking For Letters of Recommendation

I am applying for multiple internships over the summer and most of them require 2 LOR's, is it okay to ask one professor to write me a LOR for each? I am a freshman and don't have many teachers who ...
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Is it possible to transition back into academic research after leaving the bench for a non-research position?

My Background: I'm a PhD Microbiologist currently in the third year of a post-doc working in a US government research lab. While I do work for the government, I'm classified as a contractor and, as ...
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Is Eric Weinstein's copyright protection of Geometric Unity in the spirit of Science?

In (Dr.) Eric Weinstein's Geometric Unity: Author’s Working Draft, v 1.0 he has a footnote on the first page: The Author is not a physicist and is no longer an active academician, but is an ...
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Publishing papers as a high school student

How to scientifically approach theories and research them as a high school student to get it published? (Given that the theory is not yet proven by anyone and may or may not be true).
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How to get published research covered by science magazines so as to promote the research among the community?

I am a researcher in the early stage of my career with a few publications. I work on High Energy Physics and published papers in top ranked journals with relatively high h-index. My query is regarding ...
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What academic researchers published very few scientific articles (say, less than twenty) but exerted large influences on their fields of study? [closed]

I find researchers and writers who published very little, yet were influential in their respective fields of study, interesting. A good example of such a researcher was the mathematician C. F. Gauss, ...
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Is it possible to accept research that contradicts several experiments? [closed]

I have research and reached logical and impressive results, but there is a problem that one of the predictions of my theory is that antimatter cannot be found on Earth and cannot be made, and this ...
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MSc thesis lacking content because of my mistake

In the final month of work before writing the thesis I found a bug in something I did a couple months before. I talked to my supervisor and we checked together that indeed something was off. I took ...
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Is it possible to follow notations/terminologies from a previously published article in a new paper without re-explaining them (in Computer Science)?

As I understood correctly, in the field of computer science, there is no "standard notation" in scientific publications for explaining various aspects of a computer system. Even though in ...
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Should I switch majors? How will this look on grad school application?

At the school I study at there are several majors for life sciences. I am currently in a program called Life science - origin of diseases specialization. This program is very similar to the general ...
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Is this psychological abuse? Should I switch supervisors?

I am in the third year of my four year PhD, which is funded by the department. My supervisor a week and a half ago called a meeting with me, after an email complaining about sending off an updated ...
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Is using synthetic datasets in sciences the same as using fake data? [closed]

Sometimes, there are good reasons to use synthetic data in research. In my case I am using data from Synthea, a program that simulated patient data including medications, names and addresses. I know ...
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Can we include a class or mathematical representation of a class coded in Python on a research paper/case study in field of energy [closed]

I'm writing a paper based on energy optimisation by creating discharge profile based on demand. So i wrote an algo which (not the most efficient) but works great. The problem is the algorithm is based ...
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Publication costs in an obscure journal how to fund? [closed]

I am long retired (2008) In the field of cardiology I am a pariah, there is an embargo on my publishing in major journals. I have therefore been forced to go to obscure journals where the referees are ...
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What does the "C" mean in "Mater. Sci. Eng. C"

ISO4 standard naming for the "Materials Science" field is as follows: Mater. Sci. Eng. C Material Science & Engineering: C What does the C mean?
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Can I be a good scientist if I only work in working hours? [duplicate]

I am doing postdoc in developmental biology. Recently I started to leave work at the lab, meaning that I don't work at home anymore. Before I spent many hours at night (at home) analyzing my data; now ...
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Will reference letters from a researcher who does not have a Ph.D be valid?

I'm applying to Ph.D. programs in the biomedical field in the US but I have a question regarding reference letters: Can I request a reference letter from a co-worker that has no Ph.D. (instead has ...
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Is it possible to create a bachelors programme that focuses on being able to read any/most scientific article?

I was thinking about whether it would be possible to create a 3/4 year bachelors programme which goal is to teach the student to be able to read any/most scientific article? If so, do you think this ...
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How important is it to cite the earliest report of something?

As a general rule I try to put in some due diligence to cite the authors who first provided strong evidence of something that I'm referencing, even if I wasn't aware of their work before I started ...
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Where do all the research paper annotations go?

Today, an increasing number of research papers are publicly available. At the same time, a community of researchers and students are reading those materials. We are highlighting, commenting, finding ...
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