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Job prospects after math PhD in cryptography [duplicate]

I would like to ask for help since I am on the verge of finishing my PhD Math degree but I am worried that there are almost no jobs which I qualify for. I am an international student in the US and my ...
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I feel like I didn't deserve to pass an exam [duplicate]

Recently I did my retake exam for Advanced Maths in college. Compared to the ordinary exam, it was easier. My grade was 9/10. I worked very hard for it, non-stop for 5 months, dealing with anxiety and ...
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I am lost with my career path. I am questioning my ability to be in research field, academia or otherwise. What to do? [duplicate]

I am 31 soon to be 32, I don't know what I am doing with my life. I have a PhD in computational chemistry from a top 50 world ranking university. But, it did not turn out well and took too long to ...
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How to deal when you're an actual imposter in academia? [duplicate]

I'm a second-year PhD student at a well-ranked university, and am seriously beginning to feel that I'm an imposter in this place. My lab group is filled with people who ranked in the top 0.01 percent ...
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How to know if one is suitable for pursuing academia or Research work their entire life? [duplicate]

I am a PhD student in engineering in an university in Canada. I am close to completion of my thesis but I am not very proud of my work. I have couple of publications from my work, all in decent ...
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How to manage imposter syndrome during the job hunt? [duplicate]

There are lots of questions on here about dealing with Imposter Syndrome throughout the whole Ph.D. experience. I have struggled with Imposter Syndrome throughout my whole Ph.D., but was able to ...
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How to stop feeling you aren’t good enough? [duplicate]

Is it normal to be put down in your first year of a PhD? I won't lie, there's been a massive learning curve for me this year to get used to how things are done at this level. Even simple things like ...
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About to submit my PhD thesis in 4 months, feeling lost about my future and inadequate for any job. What should I do? [duplicate]

I am about to submit my PhD thesis in 4 months and have to move on from being a student. I am already 30 (so a sort of mid-life crisis catching up). I feel that I made a really big mistake in entering ...
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Succes in research, awful in solving in basic things [duplicate]

I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in pure mathematics. I am studying abroad. I need some advice. Before getting through to my question, let me say something about myself. I am studying at a good ...
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I passed my PhD with no corrections but feel I don't deserve it [duplicate]

I had a wonderful experience on my PhD study which was an AHRC funded PhD at an elite university in the UK. I loved my topic and the whole world of academia. I was extremely ambitious and threw myself ...
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Is it possible to have a career in academia and not be confident in their field of research? [duplicate]

I thought getting a PhD in my mechanical engineering field would lead in gaining confidence in the field. However, it became other way round. I am far less confident on my skills and knowledge than I ...
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Imminent unemployment, I have a screwed up CV; incompetent in my own field of PhD. Hoping for some perspective and advise? [duplicate]

I did my PhD recently and it took 5.5 years to complete. I had just 2 courses in my PhD, so the timeline is excessive owing to my lack of motivation during my 2-3rd year. I have also not taken any ...
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How to determine if I'm just incompetent, or if my work is more difficult than expected? [duplicate]

I'm a PhD student in my (planned) last year, with no journal publications until now (one rejection, though, due to not having the level of research the journal aims for). Several things which were ...
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How to overcome lack of motivation and improve focus [duplicate]

2 weeks ago I just started a phd abroad (Germany) and I am Brazilian. Previously I was in job that bored me to death and I chose to leave it and come to Germany to live my dream and do a PhD. However, ...
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Should I let a bad mark from 10 years ago discourage me from taking on a TAship? [duplicate]

10 years ago it was my first year in University and I bombed a course in programming. I had no programming experience and was competing with people have been programming since 10. I felt stupid and my ...

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