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Queries related to completing coursework for college or graduate school.

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Am I experiencing discrimination from my professor, and if so, how can I safely go about this? [closed]

Edited for privacy reasons, my apologies. This has been resolved and I am getting good grades now. No longer e-mailing her/not asking for advice helped my situation. The issue, I’m pretty sure, was ...
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Why such apathy towards double-counting of courses?

Many universities in the US disallow double-counting courses for double-major students. Why is that? The course content is basically the same, right?
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US PhD after Europe Masters in Neuroscience timeline question [closed]

I am about to enter the second year of a masters program in cognitive neuroscience at a well known school in the EU. I am originally from the united states and am hoping to continue my academic career ...
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help with courses and planning [closed]

I am senior in hs about to go to an r1 public (not top or anything) uni next year. I planned on majoring in math and econ, with the goal of getting a PhD in applied math (hopefully stochastic ...
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With computation tools available, why are we still not teaching any proofs in the first-year calculus/linear algebra for deeper understanding?

My understanding of the first-year calculus/linear algebra in the U.S. is that: students basically only need to memorize all kinds of math formulas instead of theories (even for theorems, for example ...
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How to deal with students wanting the answer versus working through the process

I am currently teaching an undergraduate forensic photography course, but I'm having a difficult time this semester. Many of my students seem disengaged, and they expect me to simply give them the ...
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Referencing for an unknown source

I copied a work from an uploaded copy and the references were incorrect. how do I get the correct reference for the work?
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Do the courses on your PhD transcript matter, beyond GPA and grades?

There are a few questions here that discuss whether PhD GPA/grades matter (for example this, this, and this). But I haven't been able to find anything on whether other information on the transcript ...
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Is what I did common? Could it cause possible issues? Retook my Ph.D program's equivalent of some Master's courses I took and they count as electives

I'm a fourth year Ph.D candidate in the US studying Experimental Psychology at a regional college. I also got my Master's in Experimental Psychology back in December 2020. My Ph.D program accepted my ...
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Going through mental stress in my phd coursework. Any piece of advice?

I am a phd student and I have 7 other class mates who along with me were inducted this fall (2023) to the department of chemistry. We have to take 6 courses together before we start doing research in ...
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What’s a university’s policy for late paper (lab papers) in case of technical issues? [closed]

I faced an issue where a large amount of my lab papers got deleted near the completion of the semester. Some of those reports where combined and data collected in multiple weeks. Paper lengths were ...
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The challenge large language models (LLMs) pose to programming-based homework

I teach courses in which, as homework, students implement data analysis algorithms from scratch, apply them to real and simulated data, and then reflect on the results. As a student in such courses, I ...
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Should I formally enroll in courses related to my PhD?

I have a background in IT/Communications Eng. I also had study gaps. However, I have extensive knowledge and proficiency in computer programming and algorithms. I am doing a 4-years interdisciplinary ...
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Is it usually possible to transfer credits for graduate courses completed during an undergrad degree in the US? [closed]

I'm currently an undergraduate student planning out my coursework for the next couple of semesters, and I wanted to ask if taking graduate courses as an undergrad allows them to be transferred to a ...
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Reusing assignments for multiple courses

I'm in an online graduate program. I have two classes with the same professor. One is required and the other is from a small pool of elective classes. In other words, the odds of someone taking both ...
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Professor changed the paper I should present at the last day – how should I react? [closed]

In our PhD class, we have to present a paper. However, just 24 hours before the day I present a paper, the professor gave me a new version of the paper. This new version has a similar motivation but ...
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How to overcome the difficulties of starting of a PhD?

I have started my PhD this fall in the USA. Before starting the PhD, I worked as an RA and published a good amount of papers. Now my current lab is totally different from my previous lab. As I have so ...
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As a PhD student, is it wasteful to do the extra bit on Coursework assignments?

I'm a Ph.D student who needs to take coursework each semester and also (obviously) do research. I find some of the coursework assignments particularly interesting and I end up spending a lot more time ...
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Copy of a file in pdf document [closed]

My Lecturer says as follows for a report I have to do: I am not sure if this means screenshots of the file content or actual physical copies of the files which you can click on and go into. The ...
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Is it a problem if I start doing research too early?

After graduation, I will go to a graduate school to pursue a master by research degree in Applied Mathematics. The program will be research-based without any coursework. The supervisors can suggest ...
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Can one add coursework credits after award of the PhD degree ( that had no requirement of Coursework in Indian University) to be on par with US PhD?

I was awarded PhD in 2020 by a University as per regulations applicable at the time of my admission where Coursework requirement was only 4 credits ( One course) + Comprehensive Exam + Publications + ...
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How to respond to uncertainties of students in the following context

Suppose I am the only instructor for the Algorithms and data structures course in my institute. Before the start of the course, say during the first lecture, I provide the students with the textbooks ...
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Self-plagiarism in coursework?

Suppose somebody is repeating a class, where the assignment topic is the same every year. Is it self-plagiarism if that person is handing in the same or a similar paper, essay, etc.?
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Grading on a curve in required doctoral course, failing as a result

After an undergrad degree in mathematics, I am doing a PhD in theoretical computer science. To satisfy my PhD program’s requirements, I'm taking a very challenging coding class this semester. I know ...
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If the dissertation defense is completed and passed prior to the completion of the program classes, is the student considered a Doctor? [closed]

Courses not passed or taken but dissertation and defense completed with approval/passing.
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Should I give an extra credit assignment to a student who failed to drop the course on time?

I am currently teaching an elective course for undergraduate students in the College of Business, at a university located in Hong Kong. Students who choose to take the course can use the course as one ...
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Gracefully handling a professor who is attracted to me

One of the professors in my class seems to be attracted to me. I am back at university after a long stint in software, so my age group is similar to the professors. He is married and probably has a ...
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What can I do if I need econometrics skills, but cannot get into econometrics courses?

I am a first year Businesss major PhD student. I need to learn Econometrics, but my math is so bad that the professor does not allow me to attend the Statistics foundation course for Econometrics. I ...
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Is it normal for a professor to contact only one specific TA regarding the course?

I am one of the teaching assistants for a course with multiple TAs. However, the professor keeps sending all the important information regarding the course, like when the exams are, information about ...
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Effect of audit courses on graduate admissions if they are properly graded

I am a chemistry major and I want to shift towards the more computational and "data-driven" side of things later on. Towards that end, I have started taking relevant courses outside my major....
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How useful is taking courses for your research progress? [closed]

As a grad student (Computer Science), I always feel like I lack the tools needed to make progress with my research. One solution I thought might be helpful would be to take more courses, especially ...
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Instructor is convering a large portion of course in small period of time

We are taking a course in Mathematical Physics and due to pandemics, the semester period is reduced by at least a month than usual. The last few classes were rushed, the instructor barely give time to ...
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Can I request for a change of a musical piece assigned to me due to physical discomfort?

I wonder if this is going to sound silly, I'd rather vent this anonymously online first before taking any action in the real world... I'm doing a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and part of our ...
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First year of PhD, I feel anxious all the time because of the coursework

I'm in my first year of a linguistic PhD program. I have courses to take, which is nice because I always think these would equip me with deeper knowledge about this field and prepare me to be a decent ...
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Can one get a degree in a field one has not formally taken any classes in?

If one hadn't taken formally taken any classes relating to a field but was able to demonstrate sufficient competence in the field could one get a degree in that field?
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Are modern-day classes primarily for distillation of knowledge or are they primarily for testing/examination/certification?

This is a philosophical question. From undergrad (which I did stem), I have noticed that in some classes, the teachers taught the absolute bare minimum, almost like overviews of a topic, often times ...
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Deciding what textbook to read

I just enrolled in a CS course and the instructor gave a list of readings for the course. There is a total of 4 books and each book contains around 15+ chapters and around 2 thousand pages and all the ...
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How do I tactfully deal with fellow students who provide low-quality answers to my questions (which dissuades instructors from answering)?

My sister's studying at a UK university remotely because of COVID. Each course has an internal online Q&A forum for students to ask questions, and instructors or students to answer. I don't want ...
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First-time teaching PhD students make course assignment way too demanding for a new lecture

I'm attending a graduate lecture at a university in Europe. Two lecturers, both PhD students, are giving their first lecture. One of the PhD students is senior and another just recently enrolled in ...
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Do the students have a right to know the name and quealifications of the person that marks their work? [closed]

A student hands in his coursework. When he gets it back, the comments on the paper are incorrectly stating that the student exceeded the word count (they didn't). They are also incorrect on specific ...
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Does the Online Learning Platform bring down the importance of Courses and GPA in terms of PhD Admits? (CS USA)

Background: CS undergrad applying for FALL 2022 CS USA PhD Programs By the time I apply for the programs, I will be finishing 3 and a half years of coursework/labs/tests. Out of this, 2 years of ...
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What value does self-learning a course (or several) have in graduate admissions?

I am an undergraduate student who hopes to switch my major from engineering to Physics. Although this switch is possible, I lack several crucial foundation courses in Physics such as electrodynamics ...
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How important are your module choices in 3rd year mathematics undergraduate?

I am finishing my 2nd year doing a Mathematics BSc (UK) and I am very worried about my options next year. I primarily enjoy analysis and am interested in pure maths generally. However, my university, ...
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Fellow student doesn't share progress in joint paper for coursework - how should I react?

I'm currently enrolled in a course (Masters-level) where we are supposed to write a paper together with another fellow student. The paper will not be published publicly. It has been difficult since ...
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Is it a good idea to go for multiple bachelor's or master's degree? [closed]

I have a bachelor's degree in Physics. I am currently doing my master's in Physics with a focus on machine learning. I want two thing for future: I want to gain coursework experience from different ...
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Professor using student paper as an example of what not to do in class?

So a professor used a grad student's paper (anonymously) as an example of what not to do or what she doesn't want to see in the papers. The student was blindsided as the student wasn't notified that ...
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First year Math PhD student; My problem solving skill has been completely atrophied and continues to decline

I'm a first year PhD student in mathematics and I'm in a pretty bad spot. Over the last year or so of undergrad and first semester of grad school, I've completely atrophied my problem solving skill. ...
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Applying for tenure track position in mechanical engineering with lack of relevant coursework experience?

My undergrad and masters degree was in materials engineering. All my coursework and lab experience is in materials engineering. During my PhD, I had taken just two courses which did not directly help ...
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Shortlisting criteria for an oversubscribed course: first-come-first-served vs grade point and classroom diversity

I teach an advanced Engineering elective course which has a mixed audience of Junior (3rd year) and Seinor (4th year) undergrads and some Grad students. Since it is a interactive course with a lot ...
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I am applying for PhD in math and have to choose which courses to take for the Spring [closed]

Im new to this forum and have a question. I am a junior in math major applying for pure math PhD and struggle choosing between two courses. Probability Theory This is the subject I'm pretty excited ...
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