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On standards or conventions specific to cryptography as an academic discipline, and programs that lead to a degree in this field. For regular cryptography questions, visit our sister site Cryptography Stack Exchange.

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How much CS knowledge is needed to get into cryptography from math?

I am a 2nd-year undergraduate student in the United States studying mathematics. I have been planning on going to graduate school to study number theory. However, I have realized that only 3% of math ...
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Publishing a paper in cryptography [duplicate]

I have written a mathematical paper in cryptography and I would like to publish it. However, I don't know any professors in the field with whom I could collaborate. What should I do? How to make ...
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Job prospects after math PhD in cryptography [duplicate]

I would like to ask for help since I am on the verge of finishing my PhD Math degree but I am worried that there are almost no jobs which I qualify for. I am an international student in the US and my ...
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Is the practice of providing simple examples in research papers recommended?

This question is restricted to the domain of Cryptography. While reading research papers from the Cryptography domain, I came across papers that provide examples for the schemes or algorithms they ...
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PhD in Cryptography after Masters with experience

I hold a masters in mathematics and philosophy (emphasis on logic) and, for personal reasons, I will be joining the US Navy as an officer doing cryptology. I'm curious if I apply afterward to ...
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PhD in Cryptography after Master's in Pure Mathematics [closed]

I have done my Master's in Pure Mathematics.However as we had learnt Cryptography in our Master's Course ,I have developed an inclination towards it. I have started liking coding theory in ...
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