Is it possible to download all available literature from IEEE Xplore? Is it allowed?

I was thinking that now, while I still have access due to being in academia, I might download everything I could possibly need.

Bonus question: If it is allowed, how do I do it?


No, it's not allowed.

IEEE Xplore terms of use (emphasis mine):

Authorized users are not permitted to:

  • Allow anyone other than an authorized user to use or access IEEE Xplore;
  • Display or otherwise make any information from IEEE Xplore available to anyone other than an authorized user;
  • Transmit electronically, via email or any other file transfer protocols, any portion of IEEE Xplore;
  • Download or attempt to download an entire issue or issues of a publication contained in IEEE Xplore;
  • Create a searchable archive of any portion of IEEE Xplore;
  • Use robots or intelligent agents to access, search, and/or systematically download any portion of IEEE Xplore;
  • Use any portion of IEEE Xplore for document delivery, fee-for-service use, or bulk reproduction or commercial distribution of materials in any form;
  • Alter or modify any portion of IEEE Xplore;
  • Delete or remove in any form or format, including on a printed article, any copyright information or notice contained in IEEE Xplore;
  • Reproduce or redistribute any portion of IEEE Xplore.

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