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Questions tagged [joint-appointment]

Questions concerning faculty positions spanning more than one department or university.

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Postdoc joining Appointment delay for few weeks

I got a particular postdoc position in the USA that has a start date of 1st DEC 2021. However, I would need to delay the start date for at least two weeks, it would not be possible for me join at Dec ...
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What are typical rules for parallel academic appointments? [closed]

Many universities have visiting (also sometimes termed adjunct outside the US) faculty positions for non-salaried academics associated with a department. My question concerns the cases where faculty ...
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How has your joint / secondary appointment in another department turned out? [closed]

I am curious about the experience of faculty who hold / have held appointments in multiple departments. Has it helped you researchwise? Any unexpected challenges? I am thinking primarily about ...
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Assistant Professor at my state university, Research Scientist at my Ivy League, or both?

I am a Research Scientist at an Ivy League. I have been offered an Assistant Professorship at the state school. The Ivy League has suggested that if I take the professorship, I could stay on in a 20% ...
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Which department does a professor in a joint appointment get his/her graduate students from

If someone is a professor of department A, however, s/he also affiliates with department B in a joint appointment. Which department does the professor in a joint appointment get his/her graduate ...
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How does one become an Affiliate Professor?

I've noticed that several faculty members (both in my institution and beyond) are affiliate professors in some other institutions (beside being a professor in their own institution, of course). What ...
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Why would a senior PI need to take a part-time job at another university?

A senior professor works at one university, has his own lab and research group(s). Recently, he took another part-time job at a better university. So why do professors need to take part-time jobs? Is ...
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In universities, what are the advantages of having a second department affiliation?

Browsing the internet, I found many professors, researchers and scientists that, in addition to their main affiliation to their main department, have also a second affiliation to another department of ...'s user avatar
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Appropriate ways to propose moving from a single to a joint appointment

Consider an assistant professor who does fairly interdisciplinary work, regularly publishing in journals for more than one field, or where you can make a case that, depending on how you spin it, they ...
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Is it possible to change PhD department, but keep supervisor if he has joint appointment in the other department?

I am in my first year at grad school, and I am thinking about changing from EE/CS to BME. My supervisor is the professor in both departments (actually, full professor of the first and joint appointed ...
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How does a faculty member get to work at two universities or more?

This question is a follow-up on a comment at a recent question, where Dave Clarke mentioned that an acquaintance of his has "3 professorships and 2 doctorates." How does a faculty member ...
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