I am making an article about Information Technology, mainly related to policies, and I have a list of some solution providers with their proposals; something like this:

Vendor1, Proposal related to...

I would like to know if the web links that are related to each proposal can be put inside the same list or should I reference them, in some cases I have only web pages and in other pdfs. So should I do this:

Vendor1, Proposal related to ... (information available at http//nosense.com
Vendor2, Proposal related to ... (information available at http//page1/document1.pdf)

or like this:

Vendor1, Proposal related to ... [1]
Vendor2, Proposal.... [2]

[1] ...
[2] ...

which one should be the correct way of referencing this information?

  • Have you considered putting the urls in footnotes? – user38309 Nov 29 '15 at 10:32

Personally, I would put them in the bibliography, but either way looks fine, to me. I don't have a strong opinion, and I suggest you to do what you consider more readable.

However, I have often encountered copy editors who did have strong opinions on matters like this, so be ready to change it if they complain.

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If the list is long, you could put it in a table. Otherwise giving the links in the text is perfectly fine.

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The weblinks can be put within the text. It is not a crime.

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