Background: I have published a paper with no co-authors in a CS workshop a few months ago. I have put as my affiliation the place in which I was lecturing at that time, say university X. The work was made by myself, with no use of resources from my previous place of work. I applied for some financial help to cover the expenses that I suffered (registration for the workshop, tickets and accommodation), but they agreed only to give at most the 10% of the expenses roughly. This amount has not yet been paid.

I now work at a new university that is research oriented; and there is the opportunity to submit the research paper that I was doing to a journal, after some modifications. So I was wondering:

Is it acceptable to change my affiliation from my old university to the new university when submitting an updated manuscript?

This is mainly because the former one did not bring any kind of support for this research activity.

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I would recommend to use both. If the journal differentiates "address" and "current address", then:

  • "address" is X (where you did the research)
  • "current address" is Y (that's where people can reach you now, right?)

If the journal doesn't distinguish them, I would put Y first (you seem to consider Y more important). If the journal doesn't allow two affiliations, them the journal is strange; just try to put both affiliations in the one field and see what happens.

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