Recently, I asked a professor to give me some references about a field that I can read about during my semester so that when it is time for a project, I can know the prerequisites of the subject. In reply, the professor said that we can meet and talk about the possible solutions when you are on campus. I was on campus, and so I asked him to schedule a meet, but he did not reply after that.

This sounds like this question, but it's not quite so. It seems to me that not getting a reply is kind of expected. What I'm asking:

How can I respond to this considering he did not reply to my earlier request? The possible reason as it seems to me, is that he forgot. Should I just repeat what I said earlier? Or should I say, "Excuse me, please reply to this"?

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    The usual polite approach is to assume that they didn't receive your previous message. Something like "I'm resending this in case it went to your spam folder; I hope that we can meet soon." Dec 28 '21 at 6:19
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    "Excuse me, please reply to this" seems very aggressive.
    – Buffy
    Dec 28 '21 at 14:09

Send a reminder. Sending a reminder is totally fine after one week has passed since the original e-mail. A typical wording would be along the lines of:

Just a brief reminder. Did you have the chance to look into this?

..to which you append your previous e-mail. The natural way to do this in most e-mail programs is to click the "Reply" button on your own e-mail.

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