I plotted some of my charts with R's ggplot package and the other with Python's seaborn package so that there are relatively big differences in the plot style of those charts.

I'm familiar with Python but I've done some statistical work in R and then plotted them out with R, while the others are all done by Python. It is a little troublesome for me to replot some of them with another programming language.

So my question is, should I use a uniform plot style in my paper, or if it doesn't matter to use bothe of the ggplot-like and seaborn-like styles in the same paper.

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    It should be as uniform as possible. Either adjust your ggplot2 theme or the plotting style in python. You don't need to use the same software for all plots.
    – Roland
    Sep 29, 2021 at 7:12
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    The quickest route to uniformity may be to get your R code to write all the results of your analysis to a file, and then use Python to read this in and generate the plots.
    – avid
    Sep 29, 2021 at 9:23

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I don't think you'll get rejected based on this but I would recommend to make the as uniform as possible. Play around with the styling and themes to get them more similar, or if possible you can try to use a different visualization package for Python. I've heard plotnine is similar to ggplot but I don't have personal experience.

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