Say, there is a recently proposed machine learning algorithm that you applied to another dataset and you found high performance results.

In general, you found a method that was proposed to solve some task and you apply it to solve another task.

Is this enough for a contribution? Isn't this plagiarism?

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It is not plagiarism as long as you properly cite the paper. There are tons of papers titled as follows [task] of [dataset] using [method]. For example, A, B and C (2077) Estimating parameters of a stochastic cell invasion model with fluorescent cell cycle labelling using approximate Bayesian computation​. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. xx, xxxxxxxx.

If this is classified as an act of plagiarism, then most research papers are just a product of plagiarism. We more or less stand (rely) on the shoulders of "giants".


It's not plagiarism.

However, if you submit it to a good journal or good conference, it will likely be rejected as not being sufficiently novel for their journal/conference. A sufficiently low-ranked (but still legitimate) journal/conference will accept it.

(Notice: Novelty is NOT a binary variable.)

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