This is my first year to teach classes in computer science as an instructor. I am looking to get student feedback about the course so far. I know that there is a student evaluation at the end of the semester, but i am looking to get the feedback now using the blackboard. Any suggestions to how to create a good evaluation survey on the blackboard? I am looking to use that student evaluations and put it in my CV incase it was good evaluations

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    Are you referring to the Blackboard, the learning software? – GoodDeeds Sep 20 at 20:49
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    Is there a survey function or activity? Even a quiz could be used if you work on the questions... – Solar Mike Sep 20 at 21:12
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    Did you ask your local learning technologist this question? – Dmitry Savostyanov Sep 20 at 21:29
  • @GoodDeeds +1: Heba Mohsen, can you edit your question to clarify? I read the blackboard to mean a physical board attached to the wall that can be written on with chalk. (Actually, I believe that's the only reading.) – user2768 Sep 22 at 8:12

I'm not sure how well it works, but under Course Tools you'll find 'Tests, Surveys and Pools'. The 'survey' option lets you write a course survey.

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