Generally, whenever I write an article, I will always upload it to arXiv first. So, my list of publications on arXiv is essentially the most official version of my publication record.

Is there a way to automatically update my profiles from other websites (ORCID, Google Scholar, ResearcherID) directly from my arXiv record? (I do have an arXiv author identifier). i.e. whenever I upload a new article to arXiv, it will automatically be populated on those other platforms I mentioned.


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Google scholar will add anything it finds to your profile automatically. Usually it is more necessary to clean up (e.g. if a name of a preprint does not match the published version exactly) than to add more.

ORCID only lists papers that are published by journals - no preprints. But it also does this automatically (and does a good job - you can help if you use your ORCID during submission).

I don't know about research gate.

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    ORCID allows me to add preprints from arXiv, which I have done. Should I not be doing this? Jul 4, 2020 at 4:04
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    Oh, I did not know this. In most cases, preprint get published at some point. Then you should clean up the ORCID page to avoid duplicates.
    – Dirk
    Jul 4, 2020 at 7:21

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