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Questions regarding using technology to automate routine tasks.

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How to select a subset of Euraxess's RSS Feed?

From this answer, I was able to get the RSS feed for Euraxess. However, is there any way I can select a subset of this? I am interested only in Astronomy jobs, so I would like to know if a filter to ...
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Is there a catalogue of fixed DOI patterns per journal?

Some journals use DOI prefixes/suffixes that remain the same for every work they publish. For instance, every article in the journal British Politics carries a DOI based on the pattern 10.1057/bp.****....
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What is the best way to get my test questions from a Word document into an online assessment tool?

Since the pandemic, my department has been encouraging faculty to shift their assessments online. I've been holding off because I've heard from others how laborious it is to enter my test questions ...
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Is there a python wrapper covering multiple scholarly resources API endpoints?

Question: Does anybody know of a Python Wrapper containing a number of the mentioned APIs listed by MIT? Context: I want to execute a systematic literature review, and apply bibliometrics/ citation ...
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Are there systems to automatically blind a paper?

I am looking for systems to make a research paper blind (i.e., remove all information about authors, affiliations, maybe even anonymize self-references to previous work) and do this automatically, i.e....
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Automatically updating ORCID, etc, from arXiv?

Generally, whenever I write an article, I will always upload it to arXiv first. So, my list of publications on arXiv is essentially the most official version of my publication record. Is there a way ...
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Are there any automated ways of getting PDF annotations into Word or LaTeX source code? [closed]

With my previous two submissions to Elsevier journals, I have received reviews from 5 and 4 reviewers respectively. This results in a large number of comments that needs to be addressed. Some of the ...
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Is it possible to automatically obtain cited-by lists?

In google scholar, it is easily possible to obtain a list of articles that cite a specific article. Web of science and scopus also offer this feature, if you manually enter the article identifiers (e....
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Automation on google scholar alerts

I would like to follow articles that cite several researchers in my field. I created a google scholar alert on those researchers, however, I'm getting around 70 emails per week and most of them ...
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Accessing previous versions of papers in EasyChair

EasyChair allows authors and chairs to "replace" previous versions of a submission. Is it possible to access previous versions? (Context: I'm interested in the extent to which EasyChair supports a ...
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Resources of APIs for automated paper citation aggregation

I'm looking to do an extensive literature search. I would like to start with about half a dozen or so survey papers in the field, and look at their bibliography. Then, I would like to go through each ...
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I'm looking for an application or workflow which integrates data values into the writing process

Currently, on all of my projects, I do my data analysis, create my figures, put them into a word document, and then I start writing. I say things like "We saw a 35% reduction in the effectiveness of......
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Easier tracking of continuing professional development (CPD)

I am required to report my CPD efforts every semester. This lead me this ask this question. However, I find myself spending more time than I would like just keeping track of what I have read. I guess ...
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What is the best way to design a paper questionnaire to support scanning and converting to raw data?

When surveying my students for various reasons (which have nothing to do with my institution which does not care about, nor fund, any of my "research"), I find that online surveys get a very low ...
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