Applying for a postdoctoral research role in the UK, the application says I should demonstrate willingness to take on administrative tasks. Can anyone tell me about what kind of administrative tasks a postdoctoral research associate might be expected to take on? Does anyone have any experience? I'm trying to tailor my application, but I don't want to go into depth on administrative experience that might not be relevant to the role.


I think you need to find out exactly what they are expecting from you. I would normally associate postdoc positions with research duties rather than administrative duties. Some exceptions that I have known involve postdocs who are expected to act as the supervisor for a number of graduate or undergraduate researchers, but these are unusual cases. Contact the people offering the position, and find out what exactly the administrative duties mean: otherwise, you won't know how to tailor your application, and (more importantly) you might end up in a position you really didn't want!

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    I agree. Also I want to say: asking intelligent questions about a position shows interest rather than ignorance. Potential candidates should not hesitate to ask. – Pete L. Clark Nov 26 '14 at 22:30

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