Some journals have a google scholar page where you can see how many of their published articles got cited and their h-index.

Example: Scholar page of Advanced Journal of Science and Engineering

How is it possible to find the page for a specific journal (except clicking on the link they sometimes provide themselves on their website)?

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    It looks to me like this journal is posing as an author. Probably Google would say this should not be happening. Sep 22, 2020 at 5:02

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The basic principle is that Google Scholar pages are for authors; it is not for journals. This is not always the case that a journal will create a Google Scholar page. If it does, it is posing itself as an author (as commented by @Anonymous Physicist). So, the example that you have given is very unusual.

However, if you are interested in articles from a specific journal, you could use the advanced search option in Google Scholar and enter the journal name in "Return articles published in" textbox (in my example: I am interested in articles published in the Machine Learning Journal).enter image description here

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