My Master's fee is sponsored (funding) by the Company where I am working currently. But, the university does not have any sponsorship scheme for my faculty. So, My company provides my fees as a financial sponsorship and I pay it as a regular fee to the university. Now, I would like to add this sponsorship to the Research gate. In the research gate there is a field for such cases.

Grants, awards, and scholarships

Which field satisfies my sponsorship scheme among Grants, Awards, Scholarship?

Info : Discussions like in here have no accepted answer on the given question.


You don't have a scholarship (they're awarded by universities), you have a grant or an award, I'm unsure of the precise distinction, I suspect grant is more appropriate, since award suggests competition

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    I agree with @user2768. can I accept this answer?
    – Gopal ojha
    Aug 27 '20 at 11:31

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