I have done some research in a topic. And now i think that i have enough understanding and material that can be used to write a chapter.

However, I don't have any idea about

  • How can i get it(my chapter) published.
  • How can I get the invitation to write a chapter in some ones book? what If I don't have contacts?
  • What would be the procedure of getting it publish. In short the situation is like that I am the person with a book chapter in my hand and I don't know how to get it published.

Thanks in advance for replies.

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    Where did you do your research? Are you a student? Do you have a supervisor?
    – ObscureOwl
    Jan 21 '20 at 17:12
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    What domain? Why not a tutorial in a journal?
    – user2768
    Jan 21 '20 at 17:42
  • There would have to hypothetically be a book that needed that specific chapter, and the people editing it would have to feel confident that they wanted your chapter for their book. You should probably forget about writing a book chapter and focus on submitting your work to peer-reviewed journals. Jan 22 '20 at 1:06
  • @ObscureOwl I have done research in my final year thesis of my bachelor's thesis. Now I am doing the job. Currently I don't have a supervisor. And my thesis professor is so busy that he did not even had a time to respond to my email. Jan 22 '20 at 4:24
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    @saadbinsami I'm not really understanding why it is important to publish a book chapter. If you have just finished your Bachelor's degree, and you don't have an advisor, then it doesn't seem like you are at the point in your career where this is realistic (at least that would be the case in Mathematics). Jan 22 '20 at 6:16

Assuming you are thinking of a review volume: you'll need to tell the editor of the review volume you are able to contribute, and the editor needs to choose you to contribute. Problem is of course you might not know there's a review volume being planned for the topic (they don't usually solicit contributions publicly).

Your best chance is to either be the editor yourself or to be well-known enough that anyone putting together a review volume will invite you. If you want to do the former, you'll need to put together a publication proposal and try to convince a publisher to agree. This will not be trivial; you'll need to show you are indeed an authority in the field. In the same way, if you are an authority in the field then there's a good chance someone putting together a review volume will invite you anyway.

Either way, review volumes aren't something for which it is trivial to contribute. If you don't have any contacts, you're stuck - no reputable publisher will publish your chapter. That said, if you really want, you could self-publish or put a manuscript on the arXiv or something, but it won't carry as much impact.

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