My professor asked me to send the pdf files of my articles. However, I have about 80 articles in my Mendely favorites. The pdf files are on my PC but in different folders. I would like to know if there is any way to select them all, then zip all the physical files, or export or copy them to a folder, or any method so that I can have them together. The other option could be synching them with the Web; however, I don't know how then I can share the link of them to the prof. I prefer to have the pdf files in a folder.


It's possible in new versions of Mendeley (Currently version 1.19.4). Then:

  • Select all documents in favorites (Right click and click select all)
  • Then right click and from context Menue (or click File) and select Export PDF(s) with Annotations
  • It will ask you to save them in a new folder.

If you choose to sync with the web, there will be a way to set up a "group collection" or similar and share it with your professor (I'm afraid I don't remember the exact names of things, as I stopped using Mendeley many years ago). This will require your professor to also have a Mendeley account.

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