After 20+ years of (part-time) lecturing, 3 masters (out of which 2 M.Sc.), at age of 54 years, is it feasible to start and finish a Ph.D. and be hired as a Professor?

  • This question has been asked many times before. In short, you're never too old, but it's certainly true that you might have to deal with age based discrimination. – Brian Borchers Jan 20 '18 at 17:16
  • could you please clarify what type of career you hope to achieve? A tenure-track research career? or a teaching faculty position? something else? The answer depends on your specific goals. – sessej Jan 20 '18 at 17:16
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    At least the PhD part has been done before, for example by Brian May, who received his PhD in astrophysics at around 60 years old. – Dan Romik Jan 20 '18 at 17:21
  • 3
    Suppose you start your PhD at 55 and you complete within X years. Further suppose you plan to retire at age Y. Thus, your question reduces to: after completing a PhD, can I be hired as a Professor in Y - X - 55 years? – user2768 Jan 20 '18 at 17:46
  • Checkout the formal requirements at your actual goal. There might be a notion similar to "usual requirements (PhD, bla, bli, blup) might be not needed in case of extraordinary foo, fiz, baz of the candidate". It might be easier for you to show extraordinarity. Say, you have published 20 course books, but never formally bothered for a PhD. Or you have something named after you as a widely accepted notion. – Oleg Lobachev Jan 20 '18 at 18:20

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