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I solved their problem. Should I involve them?
6 votes

Posing a theoretical problem could be even harder than solving the problem. The issue arises in the "welcome to the project" part I assume. What are the agreed conditions of being a part in the ...

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What if my paper is accepted, but later my institution doesn’t allow me to publish in this journal?
1 votes

Your question is the result of going against the grain. You should have looked first if your university had any rule regarding which journal to publish. This is important even now as you can re-submit ...

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How to tell a professor at a foreign university politely and impressively that I can’t cover the costs of living for my PhD?
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By accepting all earlier comments and answer I would like to add that What is Phd domain? and which country is it? Considering earlier dimensions of conflicts between Iran and West particularly USA, ...

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What should I do if I cannot afford a journal Article Processing Charge?
-7 votes

You could co-author the article. Authorship will be shared so does cost. Perhaps co-author could have such cost free options. That will not only minimize your cost but will open you to collaboration. ...

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