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374 votes

I believe I have solved a famous open problem. How do I convince people in the field that I am not a crank?

371 votes

Is doing two PhDs a good path?

235 votes

A published paper stole my unpublished results from a science fair

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Am I being a "mean" instructor, denying an extension on a take home exam?

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Can I thank websites that host illegal book downloads in the acknowledgements section of my thesis?

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How to avoid being falsely accused of harassment by a student?

121 votes

Are college students forbidden from sharing their grades with other students?

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Is it ethical to send an unpublished draft preprint to a competitor by email to establish priority?

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Should I write that a student is a feminist in my recommendation letter?

109 votes

Do I not have the personality for a PhD?

106 votes

If you're black, how do you answer "Oh you're a professor? So you teach African Studies?"

104 votes

The position I applied for was advertised as Associate Professor with Tenure, but now they’re saying it’s tenure-track Associate Professor

97 votes

How can I avoid the embarrassment associated with needing a sabbatical for alcoholism and mental health treatment?

94 votes

Should I admit that I can't find a solution to a math problem?

89 votes

Any ethical problems with dating a former student?

88 votes

Should professors intervene if a student is wearing offensive clothing in their classroom?

87 votes

Can I slack off and get a PhD?

83 votes

Submitting paper proving "X" soon after paper proving "X-epsilon"

82 votes

What should I do after advisor got upset when I expressed "belief in evolution" and then said he couldn't add me to his research team?

82 votes

My paper was too revolutionary - reviewers at a top journal rejected it "by simply reading the title". What now?

81 votes

Is it bad practice to study or reference the work of an academic who has fallen from grace?

79 votes

How to politely decline a postdoc job offer after signing the offer letter?

78 votes

Moral dilemma in unwittingly being paid to complete a student's work

76 votes

Is it possible to be admitted to CS PhD programs (in the US) with scholarship at age 18?

75 votes

How to answer questions *honestly* about some professors from Visit Days students?

74 votes

I violated academic integrity unknowingly by sharing assignment resources with fellow student. What should I do?

70 votes

Is it reasonable for a professor to ask students to stay 30-45 minutes past scheduled class time every week?

70 votes

What consequences are there if, having already graduated and received my degree, I do not pay up my tuition fees?

69 votes

Dullness vs. going overboard: Should I be calling people 'enfants terribles' in an academic paper?

67 votes

Discovered a serious error in a reviewed paper after submitting the review, what to do?

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