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If you're black, how do you answer "Oh you're a professor? So you teach African Studies?"
7 votes

It would suffice to reply "No; I'm a chemistry professor". If you want to reinforce the lesson, let the silence hang after your reply. There's no need to do anything more than that. In fact, ...

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Anonymous Student Feedback: Moving forward from abusive comments
12 votes

A short answer, but I believe that it answers your question: Threats of violence correlate with, but don't cause, violence. As such, eliminating the medium that enabled that student to anonymously ...

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How detrimental is involvement in politics to a scientific career?
-2 votes

Likely, very detrimental. Ask yourself this. Suppose you become a scientist, and you are considering citing a paper authored by someone you know stridently espouses ultra-conservative views, ...

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