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Fate of publications under review after accepting a tenure-track offer
33 votes

I do not think it is either ethical or wise to try to delay the publications, anyone looking at the researcher will be equally impressed by a paper regardless of the address on it when it was ...

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I (independently) solved a fellow student's research problem. I want to publish it. What should I do?
20 votes

You may not like this but I would like to point something out to you. The student you "helped" is entitled to be an author on the paper, I am not sure if you have noticed that if it was not for their ...

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How to deal with supervisor who required me to share all my work with him?
12 votes

I think it is perfectly reasonable for the PhD supervisor to have a copy of all the materials, many grants these days require that the experimental data be retained at the university for five years in ...

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Should I follow-up about poorly answered questions in an interview?
Accepted answer
6 votes

My advice is to take a deep breath, what happened in the interview room is now a closed book. While I am sure that we would all like to sometimes be able to change the past. The past is a sealed land. ...

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What should TAs do if students disrespect them?
2 votes

This is a difficult question to answer, we have to first consider the problem of "what level of respect should the students give the TA ?" I am a docent in Europe and I have to teach undergrads in ...

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When is it appropriate for a PhD student to discuss personal problems affecting his productivity with his advisor?
2 votes

Well look at it from the point of view of an academic, most of understand that students have problems in their lives outside the lab which can affect their performance in the lab. The student has a ...

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Other students report that a student faked illness and asked classmates about the final exam before taking a makeup. Is it academic dishonesty?
0 votes

You need to do the following, go and see your line manager. Take with you all the evidence, do not breath a word of this sort of thing to random strangers on the web. I have had to deal with student ...

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