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Aliakbar Ahmadi

My Bachelor's Thesis investigated the implementation of the Selfish Mining Algorithm proposed by Eyal and Sirer (2013) and focused on the early detection of an occuring attack by the means of statistical analysis.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and obtained a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and Management from the Technical University of Munich.

As a visiting scholar at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, I looked at the head and eye behaviour of visually impaired and elderly drivers and developed a genetic algorithm for automatic and accurate detection of large eye movements.

Currently, I am looking for interesting and challenging entry level positions in the field of network security at the intersection of big data analysis and machine learning.

Bitocin.Stackexchange and its community decisively motivated me to find my path of interest not only in blockchain tech but in IT in general.

(Stuttgart, 2018)