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Reserve list for a postdoc position

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How to deal with author's extensive self-citation?

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co-authorship of publications

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Can I write "paper accepted without revisions" on a CV?

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Contacting Department about a Job (UK)

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How to Politely Decline Sharing My Research Proposal with a Fellow Student?

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How to manage and differentiate literature reviews for different papers with related subject?

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How to postpone the response for informal offer?

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TVL Stufe in Germany based on previous degree

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How do I choose a post doc position?

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Should I ask for reference letters when soliciting applications for a postdoc?

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Should I decline a PhD offer due to writing problems?

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how to search for past conferences in academia

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Emailing a professor to know more about their research

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Is it possible to change access to Zenodo archive from closed to open?

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Question to professor one week before an exam (as a mathematician)