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Peter Youngren is recognized as one of the leading communicators of the Jesus Christ in the Holy Scriptures to mass audiences of non-Christian faiths around the world. In predominantly Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu countries, Dr. Youngren has seen crowds up to 600,000 gathers at one time.

Peter Youngren has a fresh approach to communicating God’s love, as presented through Jesus Christ in the Holy Scriptures. Enabled by a unique friendship approach, Dr. Youngren has been granted permission to speak to some of the largest non-Christian audiences that a Christian speaker has ever been given.

Dr. Peter Youngren’s work has been widely recognized around the world, for a simple, yet profound presentation of God’s love for all people, no matter their faith or background. His work has included what many calls, “supernatural wonders & healing”, however, Peter will never take any credit for himself. Instead, he always directs the attention to God’s love helping people.

Author of 8 books, including, “My Muslim Friends”, Dr. Peter Youngren has taken a timely, even historic approach, to helping people of all faiths discover God’s unlimited love for them in Jesus Christ. Muslims, Christians, Hindu, Buddhists, Atheists, and many other types of faiths, gladly listen to Dr. Youngren communicate in live events.

For over 40 years, in over 100 nations, Dr. Youngren has presented God’s love shown in the person of Jesus Christ, through numerous communication tools: books, Bible institutes, gospel festivals, leadership training seminars, churches, friendship dinners, worldwide TV productions, social media, and so much more.

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