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171 votes

Why is it acceptable to cite unpublished works?

152 votes

I am non-tenured and have been offered a tenure-track position at my current university, but I don't want to stay here long term. What should I do?

110 votes

How do you judge the quality of a journal?

110 votes

How to deal with students who lose their digital work?

99 votes

Does Iran's sanction play a pivotal role in rejecting papers from a journal?

85 votes

How can I ask a teacher to follow the textbook more closely?

73 votes

What is a common way to tell if an academic is "above average," or outstanding in their field? Is their h-index (Hirsh index) one of them?

72 votes

My collaborator has asked to be only acknowledged in a paper. Should I make him a co-author?

61 votes

Why do academics write peer reviews?

59 votes

What is life like for Western-raised/trained academics who are faculty in countries with extremely tight governmental control?

57 votes

Researchers had a paper retracted due to plagiarism and no one at their university is aware of it

54 votes

Popular proprietary program or obscure open source substitute for reproducible research?

52 votes

Is it ethical to use proprietary (closed-source) software for scientific computation?

48 votes

What tools do you use in academia to jointly review a thesis?

47 votes

How to identify predatory publishers/journals

47 votes

Should academics allow student to submit a possibly flawed paper?

45 votes

How to get people to reply to emails and what to make of a no response?

44 votes

What does first authorship really mean in field X?

44 votes

What to think of zero feedback at a conference

42 votes

Working towards an academic career that lets me do research in two (largely) unconnected fields—is this even possible?

41 votes

Academic code copied by library author

39 votes

How to handle a possibly biased editor?

38 votes

Having children while at graduate school

37 votes

How secure is a post doc job offer in an email from the department chair prior to receiving the official written letter?

36 votes

How do some researchers consistently get published in venues with low acceptance rates?

35 votes

Professor didn't write a letter because I didn't waive my right to view it. How to let him know that I have changed this?

35 votes

Is there an internet Git-like repository for collaboration on a paper?

34 votes

As a Muslim student, how to refuse to shake the opposite sex's hand without offending them?

33 votes

When sending email to potential PhD supervisors, Is it recommendable to attach a precis of their papers?

32 votes

Incentives for professors to write recommendation letters

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