Mordhau/Siege/Overwatch fanatic, sort-of-Bass Player, Rollerblader (Seba High Light V1 2015), Christian. I eat too much KFC. Rode a CB500X for a while, but sold it when my car engine cost me 12 grand. Now riding a 2020 Royal Enfield Himalayan (Itchy Boots ftw).

Started programming at ~13 in Liberty BASIC. Progressed to DBPro at ~15 (and loved it). Now a decent programmer of many languages living in beautiful country NSW. Came up with my name at 13, when my gaming life was defined by the awesome games Clonk and Cube/Sauerbraten and by emulators like MAME, Gens and SNEX9x.

Originally a fan of C++, but JavaScript's extreme flexibility and C-like syntax has made it my new favourite.



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