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19 votes

Is there a maximum time one can hold postdoc positions between the PhD and the more permanent positions in Mathematics?

17 votes

When can scientific publications have a dedication?

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How can I tell if I'm being too picky as a referee?

9 votes

Would adding paragraph about the motivation provided by someone who doubted me to my final year project acknowledgment be unprofessional?

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Explain award on CV?

4 votes

After successfully publishing papers during my Post-Doc, why am I now having trouble publishing as a tenure track academic?

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Husband and wife publishing together - Problem for tenure-track jobs?

3 votes

Is attending (and presenting at) a summit taken as an "honor'' in a CV elevating the chance for tenure-track applications?

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PhD application to Austrian University

1 vote

Why is peer-review for journals free of charge but not for other academic documents?