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16 votes

How can a TA help a student who is certain she sucks at programming?

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My student's family won't let her study what she wants

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Is it okay to report classmates cheating on exams?

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Lab colleague uses cracked software. Should I report it?

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Acquaintance is paying friend to do his coding for an Ivy League master's degree. What should I do?

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Lazy/Busy Professor does not give me my confirmation

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Bad first month in my PhD

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How to deal with unnecessary stress introduced by the supervisor?

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How should an advisor handle an underperforming PhD student?

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As a post-doc applicant, should I address a professor by their first name in email after they addressed me that way?

1 vote

Is it fair to my PhD student if I ask them to do "miscellaneous" work for a paper they're not going to be a coauthor of?

1 vote

How much effort do researchers take to publish their source code?