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How to tell my advisor I stopped sending him weekly reports on my results because he was not answering my emails?
12 votes

I would say that, like others, you should tell him honestly. Something to the effect of: "My apologies for the lack of communication in the past few weeks. I was under the false impression that ...

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Should I say congratulations to my professor? What is the best way for this?
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If I were you, I would approach them privately (this dismisses all possible concerns the Professor could reasonably have of brown-nosing/self-interest). The caveat is that you need to enter the ...

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Is it rude to send my professor a link with teaching advice?
-3 votes

I do not think it would be rude to send the link to her, as long as you provide a little context. e.g. "Hello Mrs. [xxxxxxxx], I noticed a link in the preface of the book that I believe would serve as ...

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