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85 votes

Asking questions in class: how can I "exit" a Q&A when I haven't really understood?

84 votes

My PhD defense is next week and I am having negative thoughts about my work and knowledge. Any advice on how to tackle this?

75 votes

Graduate student with abysmal English writing skills, how to help

72 votes

Is it okay to keep a "Thank you" slide before references?

71 votes

I got a very bad review from one reviewer, but the paper was not rejected

56 votes

My wife's contributions are not acknowledged in our group's paper that has me as coauthor. Should I speak up for her?

54 votes

Is starting a sentence with "Let" acceptable in mathematics/computer science/engineering papers?

54 votes

How should I credit the advisor's help in my thesis?

51 votes

Why did some US universities require writing a translation to get a PhD?

50 votes

Letting students grade their own homework

49 votes

Can I use a fake email address for asking simple questions to experts?

46 votes

How should I admit a teaching mistake without losing authority?

44 votes

Which software is used to write scientific textbooks, especially in engineering?

39 votes

Is programming experience relevant in a pure Math graduate program?

38 votes

My advisor's new student copied parts of my PhD thesis; advisor doesn't care. What to do?

35 votes

Sending a math paper to a journal and to experts

34 votes

What to do when you spend several months working on an idea that fails in a masters thesis?

31 votes

What are the ethical implications of lying to get into a course?

30 votes

Journal editor made bad edits to my (accepted) paper - how do I respond?

30 votes

What does "getting scooped" mean?

26 votes

How to give a short math talk on a very broad topic?

26 votes

Should I seek professional help because I have a lot of math books?

25 votes

Is it allowed to publish an explanation of someone's thesis?

23 votes

Is it appropriate for professors to ask students to type notes for their classes (with or without paying students) in United States?

23 votes

What should I do if someone submit a review of a manuscript in journal system sooner than I know and I already prepared a detailed review?

23 votes

Is it normal to ask a reviewer to reconsider his evaluation score?

22 votes

A group project was made without me, what should I do?

19 votes

How can I know if I am working fast enough to finish my PhD?

19 votes

Rejecting an accepted PhD offer for another - Would really appreciate some advice/opinions!

18 votes

How can I improve undergraduate students' writing skills?

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