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Should I ban electronic devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) from a course?
77 votes

(I'm a student) Why do you want to ban the laptops? Just because some students get distracted? If this is the only reason, that is almost a question of philosophy: Should you force the students into ...

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Is it unreasonable to change the rules of a quiz/exam one week in advance?
56 votes

I am that kind of student, so here's my perspective: For one, I expect the rules to be clear when I sign up for a course. If you decide to change the rules after the start of the semester, it is not ...

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My advisor wants me to quit the program. What should I do?
9 votes

Make sure you understand what it is that makes your advisor thinks this. One possibility that no other answer has mentioned yet is that you do have what it takes but have not prioritized showing that, ...

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Where can an academic put their lecture slides for posterity?
3 votes

It is also possible that your department's Student Association has a website with study material. The collection at my association includes mostly past-year's exams, but if the slides are actually ...

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Is it impolite to not reply back during the weekend?
2 votes

Since you explicitly mentioned students, I'd like to ( as a Master's student in switzerland ) point out that I usually do not expect any reply during the weekend. Not from the teaching assistants and ...

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I caught several of my students plagiarizing. Could it be my fault as a teacher?
2 votes

Also consider whether you are perhaps 'forcing' them to do the tasks - e.g. by grading whether all the tasks are done instead of their skill (which admittedly is hard) when they don't have enough time ...

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