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How can a full professor from a developing country get a job in the United States?

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Is a research thesis (report) with zero contribution to human knowledge acceptable?

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Should student or supervisor be corresponding author for publications based on student research?

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How can I protect a course I created independently from being taken by the community college I substitute for, when I am about to teach it there?

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Why are US PhDs different from European PhDs?

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When does it make sense to send more inquiries asking about review progress to PLoS ONE?

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Difference between "referee" and "reviewer" in the context of journal manuscript review?

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Anonymous Student Feedback: Moving forward from abusive comments

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Why call it a "major" revision if the suggested changes are seemingly minor?

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When to submit as a "Brief communication", when as an article?

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What are polite appellations for teachers in British universities?

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Why do PhD students volunteer at conferences?

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Saying "good question" during a seminar talk

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What are "post-deadline paper submissions"?

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Updating my resume for industry. I switched labs in grad school - what to put on my resume for this time period?