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Should I have doubts if the organizers of a workshop ask me to sign a behavior agreement upfront?
11 votes

TLDR; Instead of essentially saying, "This is the reason, why Mr. Jones is spending so g*dd*** much," I'd expect a seasoned organizer to say something more along the lines of, "Mr. Jones is making an ...

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Ethics of the mention of Nazi weaponry for a computational physics task
9 votes

I don't see anything immoral about it. What if the weapon was used by Americans? It's an aspect of history and if the weapon has an interesting application in your course, why not use it? Personal ...

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How can I ask a teacher to follow the textbook more closely?
5 votes

(Student here) In my experience, books and lectures are meant to complement one another. In some courses, lecture follows the book to a T. In others, the book is unrelated to the main idea of the ...

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How to quiet noisy undergrads students during lecture
5 votes

I have a professor that will look at the person and politely ask, "I'm sorry, do you have a question?" It typically works. I think it's slightly embarrassing to the student, enough to get him to ...

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What do people usually wear to conferences?
4 votes

Note: I'm female. The conferences I've gone to weren't overly dressy. I've gone to a few chemistry conferences, a multi-disciplinary conference, and one for writing. I wore black slacks a nice top ...

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How do I use potentially copyrighted images in my course material?
3 votes

Images found in Google search don't belong to Google. I can't speak to fair-use under academia, but I can say images aren't fair game just because they're found on Google images There are, however, ...

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Scholarship award not being honored
0 votes

I would speak directly to the organization. Since this is outside of your university, it is unlikely anyone at your university can be of any help. Be sure to be polite and not sound accusatory. Do ...

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