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214 votes

Is it ethical to tell my teaching assistant that I like him?

164 votes

As an evaluator in mathematics, how should I grade responses that answer the question asked, but in less detail than desired?

163 votes

Should I tutor a student who I know has cheated on their homework?

150 votes

Should I make my research students' pay contingent on completion of tasks (such as reading/summarizing papers)?

148 votes

Is it acceptable for a professor to tell male students to not think that they are smarter than female students?

146 votes

Is it appropriate for professors to use the f*** word during lectures?

142 votes

How to deal with students who regularly ignore my ban on using laptops in the classroom?

134 votes

My advisor stopped formalizing my work, what should I do now?

129 votes

I have been accused of plagiarism for similarities between my presentation and a website that I used as a source and cited. What should I do?

119 votes

What should I do if I suspect one of the journal reviews I got is AI-generated?

118 votes

Can I write "paper accepted without revisions" on a CV?

118 votes

Why don't poorer countries suffer a complete brain-drain?

115 votes

Students admit illicit behavior in private communication: how should I proceed?

113 votes

Professor falsely accusing me of cheating in a class he does not teach, two months after end of the class. What precautions should I take?

105 votes

Is it unethical to expect one's PhD students to work after graduation without compensation? Should graduates ask for compensation for work?

104 votes

Is it appropriate to give a student a "negative grade" (fewer than zero points) for a small portion of the overall grade?

101 votes

Is it normal for a reviewer to comment about suitability for publication after addressing their comments?

98 votes

My undergraduate thesis project is a failure and I don't know what to do

96 votes

Student keeps asking about attendance policy

95 votes

Why do faculty often complain about teaching?

92 votes

Should I include salary information on my CV?

89 votes

What should I do if I have found a major error after a year of postdoc work?

89 votes

How would you handle a colleague offering your PhD student a postdoc position?

88 votes

Pronouns of professors in Statement of Purpose

88 votes

Was I wrong to rebutt unjustified rewiewer comments in the review?

87 votes

Contacted by head of school regarding an issue - should I be worried?

85 votes

PhD student pressured to fabricate data due to bad experiment design

84 votes

Should I be honest with postdoc candidate about awful lab working environment?

82 votes

Should I cite the paper from which I got the research question in my own paper?

77 votes

What to do when paper is under review in two journals, because first journal did not act on request to withdraw?

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