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gernot says Reinstate Monica

Stackexchange/Stackoverflow used to be an open and community-driven platform, probably the main reason why I spend my time here. But recently Stackoverflow, the company behind the platform, decided to fire a well-respected moderator, Monica, without adequate process. Therefore I ask Stackoverflow to reinstate Monica immediately, and discuss any issues afterwards following a transparent process.

I'm a yeti living in a cave in the Alps. I was left behind at the end of the last ice age when my clan retreated to the Himalaya: I was busy cutting TeX code into the last remaining ice (we didn't have computers back then) and didn't hear them leave. Now I'm watching out for them in TeX forums, at TeX conferences, etc and hope that one day we will re-unite. This is actually also the reason why I try to gain visibility on TeX.SE.

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