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Why is it acceptable that publishers sell papers they didn’t pay for?
37 votes

It is not acceptable, and people are taking steps to change things, but the system has enormous inertia and many perverse incentives that must be overcome to make progress. I would like to draw an ...

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4 Years in PhD. No publications and adviser keep changing my research
21 votes

You need to change advisors. Your department and university should have administrative positions (assigned to senior faculty) whose job is to deal with problems like these, and who have the authority ...

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Recommended tools for graphs and charts
17 votes

Slightly tangential: When it comes to the aesthetics of the output, the main advantage of the more technical tools recommended in other answers, over Excel and similar programs, is that they have ...

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Letter of support for promotion to full professor from an "unusual" student
Accepted answer
14 votes

There's a good chance that this professor's department's or university's policy is to send requests for letters to every recent student of a faculty member who's up for a promotion. Look for an ...

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Is it insulting to call a full professor Dr. Firstname Lastname in a non-academic event program?
14 votes

This strikes me as more an English usage question than an academia question. In American English, "Doctor" is a personal honorific, whereas "Professor" is merely the name of a job. "Dr. Firstname ...

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What to tell professors to persuade them to let a pre-college student work with them
7 votes

Universities often have outreach programs specifically aimed at high school students like you, who are ready to dip a toe in the waters of college-level research and coursework. You're probably going ...

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Countries where lecture duration does not exceed one hour
3 votes

I only have experience with the USA. Here, it depends on both the course and the weekly schedule. The most common two time patterns for a "normal" course, in my experience, are three lectures a week ...

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As a PhD student, how do I benefit from reviewing a book my adviser is writing?
2 votes

In addition to all the other answers, you will learn how to find mistakes in a textbook, which is a vital skill if you're ever going to teach a course yourself, or if you're ever going to write a ...

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Prof's neurological health is declining rapidly. What can I (TA) do?
0 votes

If you think you can handle the extra work, you could speak privately to the professor yourself, and -- cautiously -- offer to take over the lectures for the rest of the term. He might be glad of a ...

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